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Modiphius Entertainment - Fallout Wasteland Warfare

Pre-orders for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare should now be available...

- Also news of an upgrade to the Starter Scenic Set & Resin Starter! - 

If you've been hanging on to support the pre-order via your local store the wait is over! By now our distributors should have passed on the order information to your friendly local gaming stores but you can help us make sure your local games store has everything they need to know! 

We have launched the pre-order for the Two Player PVC Starter Set, The Red Rocket Scenic Set, and all the faction boxes (Super Mutants, Brotherhood of Steel & Survivors) through distributors. Instead of Nuka Cola Girl, retailers have a different pre-order bonus of the Alien Zetan which comes with the Blaster Pistol weapon card - if you order the PVC 2 Player starter set through retail before the end of January then you'll get one of these. NOTE! Your local store may have an earlier cut off date as they need to get their orders in to distributors before the end of January so please check!

If you've pre-ordered online already with us, or plan to soon don't worry! When we launch our Spring Wave 2 pre-order which includes the Enclave, Raiders and Institute we'll be swapping around the pre-order bonuses. 

That means your local retailers will get Nuka Cola Girl, and Modiphius webstore pre-orders will get the Alien Zetan. You'll also be able to pick up both of them from us at any events we attend through the year - so far that includes UK Games Expo, GenCon, Essen, Dragonmeet and more to be announced in the US and Europe. 


Some of the items in the pre-order are made to order and only available from our webstore or direct to retailers. We have launched a direct to retail webstore just to support your local stores which includes free shipping on bulk orders. Remember you must be a registered retailer to sign up

If you want to be able to order the following sets through your local retailer please pass this on and ask them to sign up for an account and they can order them in if they get us orders before Jan 31st (to guarantee delivery at launch). 
This includes:

- Resin Two Player Starter Set 
- 2 Player Starter Models Collectors Resin Set 
- Super Mutants: Behemoth
- Wasteland Starter Scenic Set (and all the individual sets)
- Wasteland Creatures Core Box (and all the individual sets)
- Wasteland Robots Core Box (and all the individual sets) 
- Terrain Expansion - Turrets
- Acrylic Range Rulers


After working with our factory we've been able to bump up the contents of the Starter Scenic Set to match the contents of each of the individual scenic packs giving you more value - in fact you're now saving £60 on the individual sets. 

We've added the following:
- 1 Extra Nuka Cola Machine, plus the parts for each machine
- 1 Extra Wall Mounted Console
- 3 Extra Vault-Tec Crates

Plus we're adding a set of cards to the box set including the Nuka-Cola Machine search deck and Vault-Tec Search Deck. We'll reveal more about this soon. 

So now you're getting 26 High quality resin miniatures. Here's a picture to remind you what's in the box now!

We'll be posting the next Development Blog this week with a discussion of the Settlement system, and revealing a whole bunch of cards that have just been approved by Bethesda. We're working very had to get everything ready for production but need to give Bethesda plenty of time for approvals - it looks like the rule book will be signed off in January and we'll share it free online in PDF as soon as it is. In the run up we'll have lots more previews though. 

The following are already in production - the Survivors, Super Mutants and Brotherhood of Steel Core Boxes along with the resin version of the Two Player Starter set miniatures since we already know there's huge demand for all of them we're aiming to build up as much stock to meet the demand!

Which brings me to another upgrade to announce! The resin version of the Two Player Starter set will now come in a specially stickered version of the actual retail box so those of you picking this version don't miss out. 

That's it for today, please pass this on to your local retailer - or just tell them to head to to sign up for the special Fallout: Wasteland Warfare made to order items - it's as simple as that!

Quick shout out for the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare group over on Facebook and massive thanks to Ash Barker for stepping up and keeping a tight ship... err Vault! If you want to check out the scenery people are creating, get recommendations where to buy suitable buildings, discuss the miniatures or rules, check out paint jobs, etc it's a great place to be. Myself and Jon Webb, our own wargames manager, are dropping by whenever we can to share cool new pictures or previews and help answer questions so head over and support it. 

Finally for those of you who like your science fantasy old school we're launching a Kickstarter for the officially licensed John Carter of Mars roleplaying game and miniatures line on Tuesday January 9th. You can find out more here - the miniatures are the same scale as Fallout: Wasteland Warfare and come with the same great scenic bases. 

Thanks for listening!

Chris, Modiphius

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