Friday, 29 December 2017

Warlord Games - Friday Newsletter

Not long left for those special offers from Warlord Games...
Warlord Games Friday Newsletter 29 December 2017.
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Time for a New game system!

Buy Pike & Shotte Rulebook Get One Plastic Box Free
Buy Hail Caesar Rulebook Get One Plastic Box Free
Buy Rulebook Get One Plastic Box Free Banner
Buy Gates Of Antares Rulebook Get One Plastic Box Free
Buy Black Powder Rulebook Get One Plastic Box Free

Superb Complete Army Offers

Bolt Action Australian Army Deal
Australian Army
Pike & Shotte Landsknects Army Deal
Landsknechts Army
Black Powder 1st & 2nd Heavy Cavalry Divisions Waterloo
Heavy Cavalry Division
Hail Caesar Dacian Army Deal
Dacian Army
Resin vehicles 25% off from this collection
10% OFF Sarissa Precision Deal


Hail Caesar Starter Set Roman Invasion of Britain
Roman Invasion of Britain Starter Set:
Rome continues to expand her reach over the world. Now it is Britain's turn to be conquered! As the legions march upon the shores of Britain, can the ancient tribes hold off the tip of the Roman spear?
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Gear up for SAS action!

New Bolt Action British SAS Bundle
North West European SAS Assault Unit:
Field your SAS Section with freshly issued jeeps bristling with weaponry and equipment needed for those long patrols behind enemy lines!
New Bolt Action SAS Jeep Behind Enemy Lines Assault Bundle
Behind Enemy Lines Assault:
Elite SAS troops, utilising the new resin SAS jeeps, have joined up with local resistance fighters. Now with elite training, national pride, and a drive to defeat their enemy, this new force is ready to deal a devasting blow... Will the German opposition be able to defend themselves???
New Bolt Action British SAS Jeep
SAS Jeep (NW Europe):
The new SAS jeeps are designed to traverse any difficult and dangerous terrain, armed to the teeth with as many machine guns as possible... a prickly foe indeed!
New Bolt Action British SAS Armoured Jeep
SAS Armoured Jeep (NW Europe):
Upgrading the amount of weaponry, the SAS use this jeep when they know they'll be under heavy fire. Use its recce ability to sneak in and race out with plenty of firepower to deter any pursuit.

Algoryn Heavy Artillery!

New Gates of Antares Algoryn X Howitzer
Algoryn AI Heavy Support Team with X-Howitzer:
Provide Heavy hitting artillery for your Algoryn forces with the new heavy support team with X-howitzer.

Bronze Age Javelinmen!

New Hail Caesar Early Egyptian Javelinmen
Early Egyptian Javelinmen:
With little to no armour, the Egyptian javelinmen will act as scouts, harass and launch short ranged barrages before re-positioning and launch another salvo.
New Hail Caesar Early Nubian Javelinmen
Early Nubian Javelinmen:
Whilst primarily used for ranged and harassment, javelinmen are also capable of dealing with troops in close quarters.
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Coming Soon Bolt Action Book Market Garden
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