Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Some Hobby Progress - Part 1(Ish)

Part one of my plan to turn the blog back into a hobby, unboxing and review place rather than somewhere that reposts newsletters constantly is going to involve finishing off half done projects. I did a basic unboxing of Twisted - A Steampunk Miniatures Game's core box but just before I could start on the actual starter sets real life decided to throw many obstacles in my path...hopefully these obstacles are in the past so I'm going to start finishing things off.

So I've assembled the Servants of the Engine and The Dickensians starter sets though I'm yet to base them so that'll be one project complete by tomorrow.

Once these are done I'll move onto the nineteen Malifaux boxes I have to assemble and the Moonstone starter sets that arrived a few weeks ago. I also have a scrooge board game to look at and an upcoming kickstarter to review. So the above two sets will get features on Thursday and Friday of this week, the latest of my RPG session write-ups will land on Saturday and next week will see the Malifaux features return.
So hopefully I'm back...but not necessarily by public demand, lol.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual)most welcome.

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