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Twisted - A Steampunk Miniatures Game (Part Three) - The Dickensians

If you use the words 'Steampunk' and 'Miniatures' in your sales pitch then you're going to get my attention...
...and with that in mind I pledged to Demented Games 'Twisted - A Steampunk Miniatures Game' Kickstarter. The pledge level I went for included the Twisted hard copy Rulebook Box Set and either three Starter Sets or two starter sets and some terrain pieces. Despite the terrain bits and pieces being very nice indeed I decided an extra starter set would be more to my liking.

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In the last articles we looked at the Rulebook Box Set and The Servants of the Engine box so now we're moving onto another one of those three starter sets and possibly later the Kickstarter exclusives. First lets have some background...

Twisted is an immersive new tabletop skirmish game for 2 or more players, with a world-class range of 32mm miniatures representing your characters.
Set in an uniquely interesting steampunk universe, Twisted’s absorbing gameplay and linked story-driven missions create a real emotional connection between you and your characters on the tabletop. Every character has an original backstory and distinctive role within the Twisted universe: guiding them through our richly-developed environments and exciting encounters will have you on the edge of your seat and wanting more!
But beware the power of the Engine! The ever-present influence of the mysterious steampunk Engine pervades the world of Twisted. What makes playing Twisted excitingly unique is that the Engine itself brings a new and intriguing element to every encounter: the Eye of the Engine card deck and the unique ‘Favour of the Engine’ game mechanic give the Engine an active role in the actual gameplay.
Maintain the favour of the Engine to enjoy rich rewards, or tempt fate and risk it all!

The Dickensians
The Dickensians, Bill Psyches’ gang of street thieves and thugs, are largely concerned with controlling the Node of The Engine that Feygin has discovered in the sewers under the streets and alleys that form their territory. Bill views The Engine as a means to greater power and wealth, cementing his iron grip on those he wishes to dominate. Nancy, once kind and caring, is now solely concerned with cowing the Node to her will. The darker side of Alchemancy is her passion and the creation of an army of demented Urkin to aid Bill her focus.
Feygin and Dodger represent the other side of the Dickensian coin in that, whilst they appreciate the vast trove of treasure they are accumulating, they also desire to see the young street thieves that the Urkin had once been returned to their former selves - especially the unfortunate Ollyver.
Whilst these two competing aims run underneath the efforts of the Dickensians, they remain a united Faction in their efforts to control the Node. It’s just the end goal of that control wherein they differ.

The Dickensians - Box Cover

The Dickensians - Stat Cards
Each character has their own double sided 'Stat Card' with the rear containing all the characters particular special rules. Each model also comes with an activation card (not shown).

Bill Psyches and Bullseye
Bill Psyches is a thug, plain and simple. He is concerned with nothing but the accumulation of wealth and power, and he cares not how he gains either. Bill uses threats and intimidation to keep his allies in line and control the streets above the Dickensians' sewer lair.
Since 'The Twisting', Bill has become convinced that he is beset by demons that guide his actions. In truth this is simply The Engine using him as a pawn in its machinations.
Bullseye is Bill Psyches' ever-faithful attack dog. Bullseye is always first to Bill's side in a fight and his steel jaws can deliver a bite that can break bone and shear through the strongest armour!

Once a crooked undertaker who worked on Bill Psyches’ patch with a particular talent for making 'unwelcome' bodies disappear, Sowerberry is now quite literally a shadow of his former self. Having failed to dispose of a body properly, Bill punished Sowerberry by handing him to Nancy for experimentation.
What resulted was a kind of wraith, only partially anchored in the realm of reality. Sowerberry drifts spirit-like through the murky alleyways of London, draining the life from anyone crossing his path. He now gathers young street urchin for Nancy to turn into the vile Urkin.

Since the Twisting, Dodger has become more swift and nimble than ever thanks to his new steam driven monowheel. He remains a consummate pickpocket and his mastery of subterfuge and speed has allowed him to stay out of the Peelers’ cells thus far.
Despite working for Bill Psyches, Dodger remains a friend to the common folk of London. A kind of Robin Hood that takes from the rich and gives some to the poor...

The Urkin
The Urkin are the young street thieves that formed Feygin’s gang of pickpockets, but they have been altered - twisted if you will - by the raw power of The Engine. Urkin are unpredictable and deadly. They have limited intellect and are prone to impulsive acts of violence and seem to actively enjoy chaos and disorder.

Urkin Alchemancer
The Urkin Alchemancer is the result of one of Nancy’s experiments. She imbued him with a greater measure of The Engine’s power but was only partially successful. The result was an unstable and Alchemantically charged urkin that is both useful and deadly. The Urkin Alchemancer now serves as Nancy’s assistant in her laboratory and is often sent to the surface on missions of import to her foul works. He also can transform into the fearsome Bloodrage form - sometimes unwillingly.

Bloodrage Urkin
The Bloodrage Urkin is the alternate form of the Urkin Alchemancer. One of the effects of the changes Nancy has wrought upon him is the ability to transform into a hulking brute known as the Bloodrage. This form is not stable however, and he is subject to changing form at the most inopportune moments. The Alchemancer has a measure of control over the change but can never be certain of when the change might occur.

Urkin Slashers and Shooters
Urkin Slashers are of low intellect but can be relied upon to be both vicious and careless of their own safety.
Urkin Shooters are brighter than their companions and delight in making ramshackle guns from scrap that can be deadly in the right circumstances.

The Dickensians- Artwork
Here's some artwork and painted pictures.

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