Tuesday, 26 December 2017

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A Happy Holiday from Kingdom Death...amongst some other news...


KDU#31 - Happy Holidays!

The winter holiday season is beloved here at Kingdom Death. We're preparing for a much needed week off to enjoy food, friends, family, and of course games!
Our office is closed from December 23rd to January 2nd. All orders made during the holiday break are expected to start shipping on January 8th. Any correspondences or inquiries will also be put on hold until we are back. Thank you!

Stocking Stuffers and More!
We've got some old classics, the Holiday White Speaker and the Xmas Pinup Twilight Knight making their yearly appearance along with new Holiday Death Dice. These festive accompaniments will only be available during the holiday season!

Holiday Sale!

Holiday 2017 Releases

Holiday Exclusives
Holiday Death Dice - Read More
Holiday White Speaker Nico - Read More
Xmas Pinup Twilight Knight - Read More

Monster Core Game
Monster 1.5 Core Game - Read More
Painted Holiday Nico
A holiday treat painted by the immensely talented Elizabeth Beckley.
Community Spotlight 
At Kingdom Death headquarters it’s the coldest, darkest season of the year. Fortunately, our incredible community continues to create flickering bright spots in the long night. Here are just a few of the outstanding projects Kingdom Death players have recently shared across the web and directly with us at the official KD Twitter account (@kingdomdeath).
Next Season’s Lonely Tree

It might be dark and chilly here, but it’s clearly spring for Timothy O’Connell and his vibrant take on the Lonely Tree! Bursting from the gray, broken ground, this almost tropical take on our massive mini makes it clear why survivors would be tempted close to its deadly boughs. If it’s a little warmer there, we’re tempted ourselves. Fantastic work! Those long hours really paid off!

Building Guide to the 1.5 Update Pack
For everyone who just got their 1.5 Update Pack and who’s getting ready to assemble the survivors and Gold Smoke Knight inside, Soshie’s ready to help! Head over to Soshie’s Minis YouTube channel for step-by-step guidance on piecing together the new 1.5 Update’s minis and getting them into battle-ready shape!

Beasts of War Campaign Continues
Our friends at Beast of War just announced the continuation of their thorough Kingdom Death campaign! If you’ve been following along, here’s your chance to find out how the next chapter of their settlement’s brutal story unfolds. If you haven’t, now’s a perfect time to start! Check out all of Beasts of War Kingdom Death content here along with the start of their Let’s Play Kingdom Death Campaign.

Community Project: Braille Accessible Kingdom Death
The community over on Reddit is tackling quite a challenge: creating a braille accessible series of spreadsheets to aid visually impaired in playing Kingdom Death. The work’s just started, so we wanted to give the project a bump here. If you’re interested in helping out, stop by the Braille Accessible KDM Conversation on Reddit.
As always, boundless thanks to everyone in the whole wide Kingdom Death community! It’s been an amazing year for us and none of it would have happened without you. Happiest of holidays and all our best wishes for a fantastic 2018!

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