Friday, 10 August 2018

Forge World - Newsletter

Some new Blood Bowl releases from Forge World...
Blood BowlHuman Booster Pack
Human Team Booster
Reinforce your roster with some extra players, made to give you alternative designs for your Throwers, Catchers and Blitzers. 
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Eldril Sidewinder
Eldril Sidewinder
Add a lightning-fast Star Player to your Wood Elf, High Elf and Elven Union teams with this agile Wardancer: 
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The Damned Damsels
Herald the victories of your Chaos teams with these inspiring (and infernal) Cheerleaders.
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Cheer your Human Blood Bowl team to victory with this dedicated pep squad.

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The Waaaghs
Inspire your Orcs (or just bully them into playing better) with these motivationally minded greenskins...
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Faster Delivery
Better Service, Faster Delivery
Ordering from Forge World is about to get a lot easier – find out more here: 
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Hammerhal HeraldRegimental Standard

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