Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Moonshiners - Kickstarter News

Some new stretch goals and a solo mode for this new board game Kickstarter...

Hello fellow Moonshiners!

As some of you might already seen, we just updated the entire KS page with new cool stuff.
The biggest news are, of course the FREE add-on of the 12 Drunkards Standees - KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE! and the SOLO mode!

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A lot of you asked (and I do mean a lot, we got messages in comments, private messages, emails) for this, and we did our best to make it happen as soon as we could. It makes sense too, because the art for the characters is so cool, it really deserves to be played with, not only on the Drunkard cards, but on the board too. :)
So now the game still contains the 12 Drunkard miniatures, but you ALSO have the option to play with the standees as well. The add-on is free, so no extra cost involved, BUT is Kickstarter EXCLUSIVE!
One other request from many of you was more racial and sexual variety among the Heroes. The truth is, we had planned since the get-go the game with 8 unique heroes, and we balanced the best we could the man vs female ratio as well as the racial variety. The only thing that kept us from launching the KS with all 8 of them, were the costs. But as you already saw, we already unlocked 2 of them and revealed the third today (one more to come!)
All in all, I hope this update will make happy as many of you as possible (I know we can’t please everyone, but we really try to) and please help us put the project in front of as many fresh eyes as possible, because you know the drill: the more we fund, the better game we all have to brag with :)
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The Moonshiners Team salute you!

Laura & Giuliano
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