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Another belter of a newsletter! The fantastic release of Blood Red Skies led to it being completely sold out, sorry if this meant you missed out - but fret not! It's back now! Also get your hands on the bombers and transports below whilst stock lasts as these are limited editions!

This week's newsletter sees a selection of BRS videos from TableTop Anarchy, ranging from painting to playing! We focus on the record-breaking Waterloo game, a dive into the history of the Portuguese in the Peninsular War, a look at a bunch of Warlord projects, Doctor Who showcases, Frontline Italia reports and more!
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Limited Availability!
Blood Red Skies Bomber Transport
Blood Red Skies Bombers Unboxing
Blood Red Skies Bombers Unboxing
TTA Plays Battle of Britain 6v6 Dog Fight
TTA Plays Battle of Britain 6v6 Dog Fight
How to Paint Blood Red Skies Spitfires
How to Paint Blood Red Skies Spitfires
How to Paint Messerschmitt BF109e - ME109
How to Paint Messerschmitt BF109e - ME109
Workbench - Record-breaking Waterloo Article
Workbench - Record-breaking Waterloo:
Next summer, Warlord Games will be involved in the largest tabletop wargame ever, as part of the Waterloo Replayed project. Collecting together over 200,000 28mm miniatures, the event seeks to recreate Napoleon’s final battle using our excellent Black Powder ruleset.
History - The Portuguese in the Peninsula War Article
History - The Portuguese in the Peninsula War:
Dr Roger Pauly is an expert on all things Napoleonic Portuguese, so to celebrate the release of our brand new Portuguese artillery pieces, we asked him to write an article on the history of the Portuguese army during the Peninsular campaign.
Workbench - The Rats of Tobruk Article
Workbench - The Rats of Tobruk:
The famous Desert Rats charge into action! Following last week’s tease of the Afrika Korps, what else could we follow up with?
Wojtek's Progress
Wojtek's has been working hard to give you a quick preview of the Warlord Open Day Exclusive figure...
Games Day Figure Progress
Battle Report - The Hay Bale War Article
Battle Report - The Hay Bale War:
Mark Newton has spent some time putting together a report of his latest Bolt Action adventures – a fictional trade war between the US and Australia over the shape of a hay bale. Mark’s infectious enthusiasm and creativity is something we just had to share with you!
Frontline Report - Battlegroup Italia Article
Frontline Report - Battlegroup Italia:
With the release of Campaign: The Western Desert almost upon us, we asked our master metallurgist and head caster Pete H to show off his fantastic Battlegroup Italia and give us his thoughts on how to best use it in your games of Bolt Action.
Doctor Who Showcase
Doctor Who Community Painting Showcase Article
Doctor Who Community Painting Showcase:
Our social media pages are full of beautifully painted miniatures from our loyal followers and here we present a showcase of talent from all over the world. Let’s enter the Time Vortex and check out this menagerie of characters...
Warlorder George Thumbnail
Warlorder George scoured and scanned for this one! An excellent display of a selection of the Doctors from Daniel Read!
Daniel Read's Doctor Who Miniatures
RAF Downed Pilot

Send in your reports!

We need your army lists and pictures!


We want to see your 1000 point army list along with a paragraph or two on your inspiration for the army and tactics you might use. Be sure to include a few pictures of your winning force as well!
Send in your lists to:

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Stix Brothers Background Article
The Stix Brothers Background:
Nothing fazes the Stix Brothers, and there’s enough of them to fill out your whole team if you wish. But who are the mysterious Stix Brothers and what’s their story?
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Pre-order Strontium Dog
Wave 2 - Released August 2018
Strontium Dog Banner Collection
Strontium-dog-good-bad-mutie pre-order tab
Strontium Dog - The Good, The Bad, The Mutie:
Be part of the classic confrontation between mutant Search/Destroy agents (AKA Strontium Dogs) Johnny Alpha & Wulf Sternhammer and the infamous Max Bubba’s gang – a pivotal storyline within the pages of the galaxy’s greatest comic – 2000 AD
A Day of Days not to be missed!
If you want to see us, and a whole host of other activities, in action then come on in to our open day 22nd September!
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Summer Offensive

We want to see your armies ready for parade at our next Warlord Open Day (more info about this special day HERE). It’s not just for those of you who may be attending the Nottingham HQ event either as this will be a worldwide challenge, so come on & get stuck in!

warlord-games-summer-offensive-painting-competition tab

What is This?

What is This?
F O L L O W on F A C E B O O K
F O L L O W on T W I T T E R
F O L L O W on I N S T A G R A M

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