Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Grenzer Games - Kickstarter News

15mm isn't really my preferred scale but this still looks like an interesting upcoming project...

UPDATE. 31.07.18

Hello to all of you, just a little update on the process of this project. We hoped we'd be further on by this stage but getting quotes has taken about three times as long as promised, but they are finally coming through. This means we will be able to finalise all the financial side of things and get a Kickstarter project goal sorted and a launch date for these fantastic figures. Great news right?!

We really appreciate your continued interest in this project and would love it if you were to share the hell out of it within your gaming groups so we can get the momentum we need going into the Kickstarter. Theres a link below sending people to the sign up page on the Grenzer Games website so let people know about this awesome range so we have the best chance of making to a reality. 
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