Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Petersen Games - Kickstarter News

A new Kickstarter from Petersen Games...
Coming to Kickstarter in October
Sandy Petersen Cthulhu Mythos for D&D 5th Edition

This book provides rules for both players and game masters (GMs) to incorporate elements of the venerable Cthulhu Mythos into their fifth edition classic fantasy roleplaying game.
  • Tips on how to run fantasy horror games,
  • Rules for new playable races,
  • Options to customize player characters' class features for cosmic horror games,
  • New rules for dread and insanity in the cosmic horror tradition,
  • New spells, including a new subtype of formula ritual spells that even non-spellcasters can cast with some risk,
  • New items and artifacts, and more.
Look for more details in the coming weeks!
Creating a Horror Scenario the Sandy Petersen Way
Sandy led an audience in developing a gripping horror scenario for RPGs during one of our Gen Con sponsored seminars. Learn his secrets for yourself with this video.
Sandy Petersen and the Team at Petersen Games
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