Saturday, 11 August 2018

Petersen Games - Gen Con Round-up

A Petersen Games newsletter...
August 2018 Gen Con is now History 
Our team in action  Whew! We survived Gen Con! What a great time to meet new and old friends, demo games, answer questions, and see what's going on in the world of hobby games! Meet the crew that made it all happen.
Thanks to our many fans, old and new, for coming out in droves to show your support and friendship.

Also, thanks to our many volunteers who ran the demos and shared their expertise and enthusiasm. We appreciate you!
2018-2019 Fan Catalog Debut!
We created a colorful Fan Catalog for Gen Con with our current games, plus sneak peeks at upcoming projects that include tabletop games, RPG books, a novel, and a graphic novel!
  • Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for 5th Edition D&D
  • Cthulhu Wars novel by Ben Monroe 
  • Startropolis "Space Staion in a Box" (for those of you who love to build things)
  • Casual new game Potions and Profits
  • Evil High Priest expansion
  • Planet Apocalypse for 5th Edition D&D
  • Planet Apocalypse graphic novel
Download Fan Catalog
Arthur Opens the Ancients Faction
Arthur couldn't resist sneaking The Ancients faction  for Cthulhu Wars at Gen Con and wants to share the glorious contents with everyone!
One More Gen Con Treasure....
With the arrival of the first wave of Evil High Priest, Arthur couldn't resist collecting his copy and taking home. He's practically salivating as he opens the box.
Preorder Your Next "Rising Star"
You can be a late backer for Startropolis! We had tons of interest during Gen Con for our latest Kickstarter project.

Startropolis is a fast-paced, family friendly, easy to learn board game for anyone who loves outer space and building things--It's not too late to be a backer! Click here to preorder.
Sandy Petersen and the Team at Petersen Games
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