Saturday, 18 August 2018

Leodis Games - New Releases

Some new releases via Leodis Games...yep...the Space Wolves are here...

PreOrder The Tooth & Claw Today

Tooth & Claw

Only £69.99 from us for this week.

But that's not all. Remember if you're a new customer and register with us you'll get 250 Leodis Loot credited to your account.

That could get you an extra £2.50 off!!!!
Codex Space Wolves

A must have for all Sons of Russ.

Packed full of background and rules for fielding the Wolves in 40K.
Datacards Space Wolves

An essential reference when playing.
Space Wolves Primaris Upgrades

Everything you need to make Primaris Marines into Space Wolves.
Space Wolves Dice

Show your allegiance with these funky looking dice. 
Operation: Coldfront
Two Player Introductory Battle Pack “On the frozen steppes of Dawn, ALEPH has deployed one of her forward bases to fight against the Combined Army invaders. However, the Ariadnans suspect that it is just the first stage of a plot of the AI to increase her influence over their planet, and they will not allow that!” This box contains all the miniatures, rules, and terrain you need to play Infinity Operation: Coldfront, and introduce you to Infinity 3rd edition.

Fight against the Dark Side!
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Did you know we stock the full range of Games Workshop paint?
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