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Hello All
We've some big gun action for you today as the Black Powder Napoleonic Portuguese add some vital firepower to the allied ranks, plus Phase-shift Projectors for Gates Of Antares Isorians and the mighty King Tiger-X for Konflikt '47! Finally, we have the Legio Aquila and the Heuschrecke, prepare for action!
Konflikt'47 Tab picture
Konflikt'47 Legio Aquila Squad

Legio Aquila

The best of Mussolini's loyal National Republican Army Italian forces are represented by the highly trained and equipped Legio Aquila squad.
konflikt'47 Heuschrecke (Locust)

Heuschrecke (Locust)

Germany has released its first bipedal panzermech with devastating results. Wield the new resin and metal Heuschrecke (Locust) medium panzermech and destroy your enemy!
Konflikt'47 King Tiger-X

King Tiger-X

Germany has discovered new weapon technology within the rift messages. Now a new threat reveals itself on the battlefields of Konflikt'47 - the King Tiger-X with heavy rail gun!
Black Powder Napoleonic collection  Link
Latest Releases Tab
Portuguese collection link picture

Portuguese Artillery Arrives

Roll out the big guns with the new Black Powder Napoleonic Portuguese Foot Artillery; including the 6-pdr, 9-pdr and Howitzer!
Portuguese 3 Gun Battery with Gabions
Portuguese foot artillery with 6-pdr
Portuguese foot artillery with 9-pdr
Portuguese foot artillery with howitzer

Napoleonic Portuguese Army

An essential part of Wellington’s forces and England's oldest ally the Portuguese, under their Commander-in-Chief William Carr Beresford, were of a quality and equal level of training as that of their fellow British soldier.
Napoleonic Portuguese Army
Portuguese Infantry set with 6-pdr cannon

Portuguese Infantry set with 6-pdr cannon

Support your regimental advance 
Napoleonic Portuguese Line Infantry

Napoleonic Portuguese Line Infantry

Support the British on the Peninsular
Bolster your Isorian Senatex with these two new Phase-shift projectors.
Isorian phase shift projector

Isorian Senatex Support Team with phase-shift projector

Isorian Andhak SC2 Medium Support Drone with Phase-shift Projector

Isorian Andhak SC2 Medium Support Drone with Phase-shift Projector

Summer Offensive, Painting Competition

We want to see your armies ready for parade at our next Warlord Open Day (more info about this special day HERE). It’s not just for those of you who may be attending the Nottingham HQ event either as this will be a worldwide challenge, so come on & get stuck in!

Tickets On Sale!

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Bolt Action Collection
Rommel Thumbnail intro


Check out these freshly painted Warlord Games own NEW plastic troops hot off Warlord Painters Andreas and Jamie's painting desk and ready for Action this September!
El Alamein Starter set

El Alamein

Begin your Bolt Action battles in the Western Desert with the El Alamein Battle Set
1000 point British or Commonwealth force

British Desert Force

Begin with a new 1000 point British or Commonwealth force for the Desert campaign with this starter set
1000 point German Afrika Korps force

German Desert Force

Begin with a new 1000 point Deutsches Afrika Korps force for the Desert campaign with this starter set
Western Desert book

Bolt Action Campaign

The Western Desert - with FREE Rommel special miniature...

El Alamein

One of the most iconic battlefield locations, the complete El Alamein station will provide the perfect battlefield backdrop to your campaign.
F O L L O W on F A C E B O O K
F O L L O W on T W I T T E R
F O L L O W on I N S T A G R A M


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