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The Deadzone Campaign is almost here. We're helping out with tactics, bundles, and more so that you are ready for Containment Protocol! Here's what you need to get started.

 1) Essential Supplies

Firstly, to start playing, you will need a copy of the rules. You can find these in the Core Game along with scenery, command dice, counters, and miniatures. Alternatively, if you want to pick your own faction or want to start on a budget, you can grab the Deadzone Veteran Bundle from our website. This handy set includes the Rulebook with rules for seven factions (the same book you get in the Core Game), Acrylic Game Counters and the custom Deadzone Command Dice.

We're also offering the Deadzone Core Ruleboook PDF from our website for free if you want to try the game out before buying it.
You'll also need a copy of the campaign book - Outbreak. This contains reinforcements for all of the factions, two new factions, new missions, and special rules, all of which will be used in the new campaign. Consider it essential reading.
You'll also need a gaming mat and some terrain (above - although this is a huge board!). You can knock this up yourself if you just want to try the game, but if you grab the Core Game, you'll find that both a deluxe neoprene gaming mat and fantastic modular plastic terrain are included.  You can pick up both the mat and the terrain separately from our website or local stores and remember that you can share this between groups of players!

2) Reinforcements

To play in the campaign, you will need to choose from one of the ten different factions. Each of these has their own miniature range, style of play, weaponry and background. The Core Game contains two - the deadly Enforcers and the stoic Forge Fathers.

If you aren't sure which faction to pick or where to start, then check out the Mantic Blog. We've been publishing Faction Focus articles in the run up to the campaign and will keep doing so until it begins! Each of these articles gives you an idea of the background, tactics and best purchases for a given faction.
If you're looking to start on a budget, don't forget that Deadzone is a part of the Warpath Universe - so almost any Warpath miniature can find a place in Deadzone (although, sadly, not tanks - they are too big!). For example, the GCPS Ranger Snipers boxset (above) can be used to create a great GCPS Strike Team. It's not big enough for a campaign force, but is a good choice if you just want to learn to play with just a few miniatures.

3) Vital Personnel

Of course the most important part of the game is other players! You will need opponents and they will need opponents. Alliances and rivalries will be formed, battles will be fought, 1's will be rolled, and a good time had by all.

Now is the perfect time to get a group together for the campaign launch. head to your local gaming clubs and see who's interested. Set up challenges to have miniatures painted in time and grudge matches set. Join online communities - like Deadzone Fanatics - to spread the hobby love and engage with your fellow players.


You're now ready to face the Deadzone Campign and the glories it will bring. Will you battle your way to victory or become yet another casualty report? Can your elite Strike Team survive the Containment Protocol? There's only one way to find out - play the game!

Britcon 2018 - 11th-12th August

Mantic Games are attending the Britcon Trade Show in the centre of Manchester*. As it's our first time there we'll be on our best behaviour, so that means we're bringing bundles and busting out yet more deals on the Stand, plus all of the show exclusives, Demo Games and friendly chatter tha you'd normally expect. See you there?
*- The Barnes Wallis Building is next to Manchester Picadilly station!
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