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Warlord Games usual end of week newsletter...
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Second Edition is Coming...

Second Edition Black Powder Rulebook
2000AD Strontium Dog Max Bubba
The Strontium Dogs have got their work cut out for them as the Build-a-Mutie set, Rogue Agents and Darkus's Howlers are now available alongside the SD Agents set!

The Doctor is also never short of enemies as the Emojibots and the Fires of Pompeii join the fray! Additionally, there's also 4 new Doctor Who card sets!

The Virai prepare for war as they arm their support teams with even bigger weapons...
New Strontium Dog Darkus's Howlers
Strontium Dog - Darkus's Howlers:
Sometimes these bounty hunters are not in it for the money but only for the thrill of the kill, not to mention a tasty meal from their prey. The new Strontium Dog – Darkus’s Howlers show just how deadly the universe can be.
New Strontium Dog Rouge SD Agents
Strontium Dog - Rogue SD Agents:
Sometimes even a loyal dog can go astray – represent the baddest of the bad with the new Strontium Dog – Rogue SD Agents set!
New Strontium Dog SD Agents
Strontium Dog - SD Agents:
They might not be the best behaved heroes, but they're all the universe has got!
New Strontium Dog Build a Mutie
Strontium Dog - Build-a-Mutie:
Mutants really do come in all shapes and sizes and now you’ll be able to produce your own unique gang of mutants using the new Strontium Dog – Build-a-Mutie set!
New Doctor Who Emojibots
The Emojibots were robots who served as avatar interfaces to the sentient microbots, the Vardy. Their purpose was to ensure the humans on the off-world Earth colony Gliese 581d remained happy at all times.
New Doctor Who The Fires of Pompeii
The Fires of Pompeii:
Inside the volcano the Doctor discovers a cavern filled with Pyroviles – creatures composed of rock. These aliens want to conquer the earth after their home planet has been lost.
Doctor Who Card Sets:
If you got your Ogrons, Slitheen, Draconians, Abzorbaloff & Victor Kennedy or The Woman Who Lived early then you probably missed out on the cards which now come with those models. Each of the four 6-card sets is now available so you can play your models in Doctor Who: Exterminate!
New Doctor Who Ogrons Card Set
Ogrons Card Set:
New Doctor Who Draconians Card Set
Draconians Card Set:
New Doctor Who Abzorbaloff & Victor Kennedy Card Set
Abzorbaloff & Victor Kennedy Card Set:
New Doctor Who Slitheen Card Set
Slitheen Card Set:
New Doctor Who The Woman Who Lived Card Set
The Woman Who Lived Card Set:
New Beyond the Gates of Antares Virai Dronescourge Deep Mining Team with Mag Heavy Support
Virai Dronescourge Deep Mining Team with mag heavy support:
The Virai continue their mining operations – they arm their support teams with the new mag heavy support to keep the enemy at bay!
New Beyond the Gates of Antares Virai Dronescourge Deep Mining Team with Fractal Disintegrator
Virai Dronescourge Deep Mining Team with fractal disintegrator:
Tear apart buildings and machines with the Virai Deep Mining Team with a Fractal Disintegrator.
New Konflikt '47 Defiance Supplement PDF Download
Defiance PDF Download:
New Konflikt '47 Defiance Supplement eBook Download
Defiance eBook:
The weird war of 1947 has jumped into the cyber age with the new digital downloads of the Defiance supplement, available as a PDF or an eBook.
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Coming Soon...

Coming Soon Konflikt '47 British Automated Platforms
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