Friday, 27 December 2013

Plague for Warpath - Part 4

Part 3 can be found here. Unlike what I said last time, on this occasion it's probably worth skimming the other parts so the bit in this post discussing the army list makes sense...but it's not mandatory or anything, lol.

So this post is to answer a couple of questions asked about the project, show some piddlingly minor progress I've made and to show you my prototype colour scheme. Okay then, after adding a second layer of Army Painter Red Tone wash to all the models I then gave them all a dry-brushed highlight of P3's 'Menoth White Highlight'.

I then had a couple of discussions with a few people who were more familiar with Warpath than I was about unit configurations which together with a clarification by a gentlemen on a Mantic Facebook group about my list that I received yesterday gave me a few more ideas.

It was suggested that I could use the third generation plague that are armed with knives as Warriors rather than Troopers. I originally rejected the idea as I was under the mistaken impression that I only had eight models with knives and I couldn't really afford to lose a 'solid' unit as that would subsequently reduce my units of that type by one and as a consequence also reduce my Hero and/or Monster choices by one. However on closer inspection I found that I actually had nine and one with a knife in one hand and a Machine Gun in the other so that unit became re-purposed without needing any conversion...once I'd checked that they could take a Machine Gun that is. It was also pointed out by one of the Managers at my FLGS Titan Games that my unit of Second Generation Plague also 'counted-as' a 'solid' unit which unlocked another Hero or Monster choice. He discovered this via the rather innovative method of reading the unit entry properly.....

I then had a sort out of my models so I could see how the units would now need to be configured...

I switched out the Machine Guns for Grenade Launchers in the Troopers which gave me enough spare HMG's for another Heavy Weapon Team and divided them up between 'guns in hands' and 'guns in air' so I no longer had the issue of working out a way of marking individual units. I'm still one model short but I'm getting around that by purchasing a second Dr Simmonds and converting her to a different pose and therefore making my unit leaders quite distinct...I haven't done that last bit yet...hence the nine model unit in the above picture.

I then decided to do a prototype model for colour scheme as I've been told it's a good idea and I'm notorious for procrastinating at the 'decide on a colour scheme' stage of painting. At least this way I'd be doing something, lol.

It's a bit of a cliché but I decided on a prison scheme in that orange jump suit style that you always see in prison dramas...Of course the style of outfit varies wildly depending on what sort of 'drama' you're watching...

I'll fine tune a back-story for the overall force later but it'll be some trope filled prison experimentation thing most likely...there's no need to over-think these things after all, lol.


I made it look like a one-piece outfit by simply painting the trousers and shirt the same colour and I selected Games Workshops 'Squig Orange' for the colour scheme. This stage was helped by the fact that I was sitting at a painting table at Titan Games which was right next to several racks of paint from Games Workshop, P3 and Army Painter so if anything I had too much choice...luckily my better half and local painting advisor's were there to nag motivate me to make actual decisions...

The Jump Suit is Games Workshops 'Squig Orange' with a 'Fuegan Shade' Wash. The belt and boots are P3's 'Beast Hide' and the gun and grenades are P3's 'Thornwood Green'. The bandages are P3's 'Menoth White Base' with an Army Painter Soft Tone wash. The Knife is Games Workshops 'Boltgun Metal' (though I've no idea what the current equivalent is called) with their new blood effect technical paint on the tip and blade edge.

It's a bit rough but hopefully it gives you an idea of the overall look I'll be going for. The finished models will have some more work done on them than this concept one...but I needed a guide...and now I have one...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. Nice stuff, will look into this myself.

    1. I didn't realise quite how much plague I'd actually pledged for...this seemed like a productive use of it all, lol.

  2. this lot will look cracking when you've got them sorted, keep going!

  3. I love these models! The inspiration is also cute :) I've linked your work in our article: Plague Gen 3 Mutants (for Deadzone Ed1) from Mantic Games


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