Saturday, 3 October 2015

Unboxing Malifaux - Malifaux Starter Set

We all have to start somewhere...

Editors Note - This feature is particularly picture heavy. The smaller pictures can be made larger by clicking on them.

The Malifaux starter set is one of those rare things...a starter set that actual does contain everything you need to both start and learn the game...

The box contains an instruction booklet with a number of scenarios that run you through the games basics, two Fate Decks (Malifaux uses cards rather than dice), a pair of basic but functional measuring tapes and eight easy to assembly plastic models (four per side). Lets have a closer look then...

Starter Set - Instruction Booklet
The booklet is easy to navigate and runs you through a number of scenarios starting with a simple encounter between two basic models and gradually adding models and rules as you work through the booklet. With the book to hand a pair of players with no fore knowledge whatsoever could learn the fundamentals in an afternoon or evening of play.

Here's some sample pages...

Starter Set - Measuring Tapes
They're simple and functional with a single push button on the rear to retract the tape. One is in Guild red and the other in Neverborn purple but in every other regard they're identical.

Starter Set - Fate Decks
The artwork on the two decks is identical though one deck has the Neverborn symbol on the rear where the other has the Guild one and the outer edge is also coloured as appropriate. They also rather usefully have the damage type (Weak/Moderate/Severe) on the edge and the red and black jokers also have their particular rules written on them. I've only posted pictures of the interesting picture cards though...

Starter Set - Stat and Upgrade Cards
The set contains a stat card for each model and a single upgrade card per faction as well as a pair of 'Quick Reference' cards.

Starter Set - Instructions
The instructions aren't actually in the box (you could probably assemble the models without them to be fair) but rather need to be downloaded from the Wyrd Games website. I've put them here for your convenience.

Starter Set - The Models
The starter set contains four Guild models and four Neverborn models and these give you two forces led by a 'Henchman'. Each model also has the 'Mercenary' rule meaning that they can be used with other factions where appropriate so will still be of use even when you advance to using full size crews purchased at a later date. Lets look at each of these factions models in turn...

Starter Set - Model Sprues
The sprues arrive in the box like this but I've separated them for the individual model features further down the page.

Starter Set Models - The Guild

Dr Grimwell

Nurse Heartsbane


 Starter Set Models - The Neverborn

Angel Eyes

Scion of Black Blood


Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. Very cool, it's awful tempting stuff!

    I've had bad experiences with the fragility of Malifaux plastics before but these models look quite sturdy. :)

    1. I think they've made the starter set models intentionally easy to assemble though this does give them slightly less dynamic poses than Wyrd Games's usual models. I think this is an acceptable compromise though and the models are still nice.

  2. Really nice overview of the contents. I'm now actually tempted by this box as a nice way to demo the game for friends. Not a huge fan of the Scion's posing though.

    1. I think they've intentionally kept the models simple as it's a starter set and that's resulted in slightly flatter poses than normally associated with Wyrd Games Malifaux models. Even taking that into account it is a very nice kit though.

  3. Hi! Great review! I've only recently started to build my crew and overall, play Malifaux or any wargame of this regard. I like how the box is put together and the fate decks too. Could you write me the text on the Black and Red Jokers please? I didn't see any text on them in any other official Fate Decks.


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