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V5 - Faction Profiles - Fiorenza Savona

During the course of the various stories of this chronicle the coterie has and will meet many characters so I'm therefore creating several profile pages for different groups within my version of kindred Los Angeles to help them keep track. I'll also amend these profiles as new information comes to light and old 'facts' turn out to be less factual than originally thought...

Storytellers Note - This is the version of Fiorenza for my own Chronicle. Should you be looking for the version portrayed by Jason Carl in L.A. by Night then you need to look HERE instead.

Fiorenza Savona
Ventrue, Generation Unknown
Various luxurious mansions and apartments around the world.
Allies 1-5 (Multiple), Ally 5 (Ambrus Maropis), Ally 5 (Carmelita Neillson), Ally 5 (Elliot Praxton, the Pony Express), Ally (Talley), Ally 5 (Victoria Ash), Contacts 1-5 (Multiple), Fame 3, Herd 5, Infamy 3 (Anarch), Infamy 4 (Sabbat), Influence 5+, Mask 2, Mawla 5+ (Inner Circle), Mawla 5+ (Justicars), Mawla 1-5 (Various), Resources 5+, Retainers 3-5 (Multiple), Status 5+
Linguistics 5
Ventrue Feeding Requirement (???)
Convention of Thorns (5: New Traditions), Fatima Al-Faqadi (5: Open Contract), High Clan (4: Embraced to Rule), The Circulatory System (1: Tap Into the System), Theo Bell (3: Contact Information, 4: Bell's Circle)

"My great-grandsire was Prince of a vital domain named Frankfurt, in what is now Germany. From the era we call the Dark Ages through to the time of the Revolt in the early 15th century, she held that city in a velvet grip. Her style of rule was informed by a decent understanding of humanity and it was both soft and firm, yet everyone obeyed Julia Antasia — for that was her name — and she led her domain into an era of prosperity unlike any other in her region. But while we of the Antasian family attempted a moderate rule, encouraging the fair and compassionate treatment of the kine while keeping in mind their role in our long unlives, some Kindred felt that wasn’t enough. These vain leeches wanted to lord over mortals, torture them, be heroes to them, and in some cases, become their gods."

When the Lasombra reasserted control over their old religious power centres, the Ventrue responded by expanding their influence in the new nobility: government and multinational corporations. With global political pull, Fiorenza Savona keeps the clan relevant and dangerous – at the centre of global power. Hard-nosed and unafraid to tell another vampire to take a running jump, Fiorenza worked hard as a mortal and continues to do so as a Kindred to ensure that wealthy and powerful vampires remain in their positions. 

Moving up through NGOs and the UN, she knows everyone worth controlling in the Davos elite. Her sire targeted her for her contacts list and discovered her Machiavellian political and business acumen. A fresh power player in the Camarilla, many elders and ancillae consider her a mere “new money” Ventrue. Their wiser clanmates know her actions sway councils, corporations, and individual mortals possessing real power. Where her predecessors focused on vampire politics, Fiorenza believes the key to Kindred longevity lies in the manipulation of the living.

Her methods have proven to be very successful as most Sabbat domains are still out-of-bounds to the Camarilla, unless you are Fiorenza Savona of Clan Ventrue, who swiftly brought Mexico City under control. Alberto Pineda Villa Aka “El Borrado”, Lieutenant Of Fiorenza Savona, is now the Acting Ventrue Premier Of Mexico City. Other domains are also being monitored by Miss Savona, including the Anarch Free States of Los Angeles.

Fiorenza on occasion uses a go-between named Miss Myra Ross, a Malkavian who most presume to be Ventrue. However her primary liaisons between herself and persons of interest are her ghouled agents.

Fiorenza's Agents
Fiorenza has her own list of kindred whose activities are worthy of her attention, which either means she thinks you’re an asset to the clan or a problem. To these kindred she assigns a gifted mortal retainer such as a bodyguard, driver, butler, etc. though they remain in her employ. They make no secret of spying on these individuals and reporting back to Fiorenza, and they never drift far, even if dismissed. Should the mortal be harmed or killed, Fiorenza makes a note that this particular person is not to be trusted. However if the agents reports on their conduct is positive, they will move further into her good graces. 

There are currently three kindred in the city of Los Angeles who have been granted the 'assistance' of these retainers. Michael Tomassio, Baron of the North-East, Mr Hertz, a Nosferatu accountant sent to assist Michael's coterie by Fiorenza herself and Marius 'The Fixer' Walker.

Zhi Baxter
Current Assignment - Mr Hertz

Zhi was a bodyguard for the wife of a Chinese diplomat when she caught the eye of Fiorenza while she was on a business trip negotiating a particularly difficult arrangement with a notoriously awkward kindred from the East.

Zhi had an impeccable record and had been trained in both armed and unarmed combat, evasive driving techniques and had a plethora of other close protection training. The extremely favourable terms offered by Fiorenza were far too good to resist and she became an employee of the mysterious Miss Savona within days of their first encounter. It wasn't long before she became aware that she was now part of something far more dangerous than ever before, yet the opportunities before her filled her with excitement, rather than trepidation. Immortality and the other advantages of becoming a ghoul were a nice additional bonus.

When the Nosferatu, Mr Hertz was sent to Los Angeles to assist the coterie in their task, Fiorenza arranged for him to base himself over one of the businesses of Marius Walker in Chinatown. Being ideally suited to look after Hertz, especially given his haven's location, Zhi was given him as an assignment. She acts mainly as a chauffeur, though also liaises with the Triad gangs with which Mr Hertz does business when he is unavailable during the hours of daylight.

Dennis 'Dion' Hart
Current Assignment - Michael Tomassio

Dion doesn't speak of his past and Michael has never asked. It is enough that he is good at his job.

Dion was originally assigned to Marius Walker. However, it wasn't long before Fiorenza began to suspect that the information she was receiving was being creatively censored and other sources were revealing actions of Marius's that should have been already observed and relayed to her by Dion. It was apparent that he had been compromised.

Marius's personal assistant Victoria, an ancient and extremely unpleasant ghoul, had discovered that Dion had a family. She had then explained to him in explicit detail just what defilements might occur to them should any information be relayed to Fiorenza that was not passed by her first. As Dion had, up to this point, been a useful operative she instead transferred him to the service of Michael Tomassio.

Michael is well aware that Dion makes regular reports to Fiorenza but as the majority of the coteries activities have indeed been to undermine the Anarch Free States, this doesn't concern him overly. Dion, for his part, is keen to avoid another failure so has been making himself as useful as possible. He is an expert driver as well as an excellent shot and has facilitated quick getaways from foes of his assignment on multiple occasions.

Eleanor 'Ellie' Moreno
Current Assignment - Marius Walker

Marius's chauffeur is a somewhat taciturn individual named Eleanor Moreno, or 'Ellie' as Marius calls her, presumably because he knows it annoys her. She had been sent by Fiorenza Savona to keep an eye on Marius after Fiorenza's former agent Dion was compromised by Victoria. 

Mrs Savona has learned from her previous mistakes. Eleanor has no living relatives for Victoria to get to, has extremely low empathy so doesn't even seem to have friends that could be used against her and was apparently asexual. 

This last aspect of her was to counter Marius's unusual talent for seduction and the similar talents possessed by other of his operatives. It has also been noted that she is also physically very much Marius's 'type' so he was presumably more likely to keep her around.

Eleanor's past has been kept strictly secret in order to avoid Victoria finding an exploitable chink in her armour. This seems to be another strategy by Fiorenza to keep Eleanor close to Marius as she is aware that he has an exploitable weakness for anything that he perceives to be a relief from the boredom of nearly seven centuries of unlife. As long as 'Ellie' is an interesting distraction then she will likely be kept close enough for Fiorenza to keep using her as a spy.

If Miss Moreno feels any slight at being used primarily as a distraction she is yet to show it.
Should you be interested in the chronicles and stories associated with these pages then links to them all can be found HERE.
I've used pictures of real people to represent some of the characters and art for others so in no particular order Fiorenza Savona is Jamie Lee Curtis and Dion is Clark Gregg.

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