Friday, 3 March 2017

The Drowned Earth - February Newsletter

All the latest on the upcoming 'The Drowned Earth' miniatures game appearing soon via Kickstarter...

Damn that short month but...

Welcome to our February Newsletter!

As you can see I've finally updated the website to its final version. I'm very keen to hear any feedback you might have on it, and you can use the contact form on the site or email me at if you have any.

What's more, I have been working hard on the demo scenery which we will be taking to Salute. I uploaded the pictures to a blog entry today, so if you'd like to see more, why not click on the images above? 

More Coming Soon!

A few things to watch out for: 
  • Some new videos, including an unboxing video of the miniatures will be appearing on the Youtube Channel soon. Subscribe if you want to be kept up to date!
  • I will be flying over to Northern Ireland to make videos with Beasts of War!
  • We have some painted miniatures soon, which I will share on the website and on Social Media (links below). 
Next month I hope to update you all with a preview page of our Kickstarter campaign. In the meantime, keep floating, and watch the treeline!
This is the last of the 360 master series: Hosk!

I would really love to hit 100 subscribers on youtube- then we are able to register a custom URL, rather than having the current string of letters and numbers- not so easy to remember! So if you'd like to help us out CLICK HERE to subscribe. 
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