Friday, 3 March 2017

Wizkids Update

Heroclix and Star Trek: Attack Wing news from Wizkids...

Greetings WizKids Fans,

AVAILABLE NOW! Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool & X-Force

WizKids is pleased to announce the release of Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool & X-Force, now available at North American Friendly Local Game Stores.
Deadpool makes an X-ceptional return to Marvel HeroClix! Enjoy opening his friends, henchmen, foes, and more in this booster release! Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool and X-Force pushes the envelope with never before seen gameplay, shocking cracks in the 4th wall, and a very special figure that we’ll be keeping secret for quite some time. Longstanding HeroClix favorite Wolverine returns, alongside Doop and WizKid. Build fun new teams around X-Statix, the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, and Mercs for Money!

Visit your Friendly Local Game Store to pick up your Marvel HeroClix: Deadpool & X-Force Booster Bricks and the Uncanny X-Force Fast Forces Pack today! 
NEW EVENTS! Sidekick League
WizKids is excited to announce Sidekick League, a new initiative to introduce players to HeroClix, Dice Masters and Star Trek: Attack Wing! Sidekick League is going to be a casual, fun, and welcoming event series at your friendly local game store. It is not meant to replace the competitive scene that exists in many successful HeroClix, Dice Masters and Star Trek: Attack Wing stores.

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HEROCLIX! 2017 Rules Update

After extensive behind-the-scenes work, it’s finally time to start showing everyone what we’ve been working on in terms of updating the HeroClix rules.  What we are sharing is still going through final playtesting so while nearing completion there may still be some tweaks that occur before being finalized.  We do not have an official date for when these rules will be locked down, but until that date is determined the current rules stand and all rules we talk about in these articles are not official.   We do know that any official rollout will be after the 2017 HeroClix World Championships at Origins Game Fair. We’ll be sharing many articles (with no set schedule or quantity) talking about where we are and where we’re going, but with this first article we wanted to discuss the process of making the rules better.

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NEW OP! March Organized Play Events

This March, visit your Friendly Local Game Store to participate in Marvel HeroClix: Young Avengers & Falcon and Star Trek: Attack Wing - In a Mirror, Darkly Organized Play Events for your chance to win!
Marvel HeroClix: Young Avengers & Falcon

Travel through inter-dimensional portals with Miss America, become a master archer with Kate Bishop and fly into battle with Falcon in the Marvel HeroClix: Young Avengers and Falcon Organized Play Event.

Register for a Marvel HeroClix: Young Avengers and Falcon Organized Play Event in the WizKids Info Network for your chance to win limited edition prizes!

Star Trek: Attack Wing - In a Mirror, Darkly

While attempting to obtain new technology from a ship that is in an orbital facility near a gas giant in the Vintaak system, your fleet is set upon by an enemy fleet. As the battle progresses, the Tholian ships in the area begin to form their energy web around your fleets.

Can you evade the Tholian Web and defeat your opponent?

Find out on the tabletop in the Star Trek: Attack Wing: In a Mirror, Darkly Organized Play Event.
Visit the WizKids Info Network to find Organized Play Events at Friendly Local Game Stores near you today!
-The WizKids Team
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