Tuesday, 30 January 2018

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Battle Ready Regiments

It's been little over a month since we dropped the Dress Uniform range and some of you have wasted no time getting them painted up.

We thought we'd share these excellent examples by Paradigm over on the DakkaDakka forum, enjoy!
Parts List: Bearskin Hats, Cuirass Torso, Epaulets, Long Greatcoat Legs, Ornate Pistol, Banner, Fatigue Arms.
See more of Paradigm's work on the DakkaDakka forum: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/615960.page

Vapnartak Pre-Order

We will be attending Vapnartak in York, UK on Sunday 4th February. (Event info: www.yorkwargames.org/Vapnartak)

There will be demo games throughout the day as well as a display of painted miniatures, but please note we will only be bringing Afterlife stock.

To avoid disappointment and if you would like anything else you can place orders on the website and select "Collect at the next show we are attending" before Wednesday 31st January and we will bring it with us.
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Shipping Delays

We are currently finishing shipping pre-orders taken in our Black-Ops Friday sale. As a result, shipping on regular orders may be delayed by up to a week.

We're sorry for the hold-up and will get back on track as quickly as possible, thanks for your patience during this period.

Kind regards,
The Anvil Team
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