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More on Fallout: Wasteland Warfare and the John Carter of Mars Kickstarter...

I can almost feel the heat of the irradiated wasteland! We've had approval from Bethesda to show off the back of the Two Player PVC starter box for Fallout Wasteland Warfare which should give you an idea of what's coming your way!

As you can see we can also reveal that in the PVC set the figures are pre-assembled in a coloured plastic ready to play out of the box (the resin version is unassembled). Since we're giving you a complete rulebook, there's now a simple 8 page 'Getting Acclimated' tutorial booklet to get you up to speed without having to absorb everything. Remember we're taking pre-orders online, or head in to your local gaming store. Next week we aim to have a retail locator set up to help you find local stores who are participating in the pre-order. We'll be sharing images of the PVC test production once it's approved. 


The core book and all the base game cards are all in approvals with Bethesda (they've signed off all the design and imagery already). Meanwhile we're getting them the campaign book and tutorial this week for sign off and then have the final cards for the rest of wave 1 to complete and approve. We're also well in to production of the three main core sets in resin as we know there's huge demand for those. 

We've had to allow more time for Bethesda to approve the extensive content and with Chinese New Year fast approaching (the factory shuts down for the whole of February) we decided to move the release to May. This does mean you have longer to place your online pre-order with us to guarantee shipment at launch - till the end of Feb. Orders after that may will ship a little later depending on demand. 

As soon as the rules are approved we'll be sharing them in PDF along with the unit cards and weapons needed to play the basic battles. I know many of you are waiting on info about the narrative side of the game - both settlements and campaign mode, as well as the solo/co-op mode. As soon as the team have completed the submissions we'll be back on doing videos and play throughs and solo and settlement is first on the list. Expect those to start up in another week along with more painted previews. If you haven't got your order in head over to our online pre-order


In the meantime we've launched a project on Kickstarter which also involves 32mm scale miniatures - John Carter of Mars! We've been working on this for a couple of years now and has been a labour of love to recreate those awesome characters. 

As well as a beautiful landscape roleplaying game book we've been funding a line of 32mm scale miniatures with resin bases (something we like as standard with all our lines). Starting with the obvious heroes John Carter, Dejah Thoris, Tars Tarkas the giant Thark warrior and faithful Woola we've since expanded it to include Sab Than and his Zodangan navy crew, more Heroes of Helium, a mighty Thark Warband and we'll soon unlock a simple miniatures rules set for playing battles on the skyships or across the ruins of Barsoom. You'll even be able to play ship to ship battles with our deck plans which double as the ships themselves so you can circle each other on the tabletop, engaging with batteries before jumping aboard for a desperate boarding action!

Here's a quick scale guide and some examples of the sets below - as you can see the mighty green Tharks tower over the humans at around 70mm! Check out individual sculpts here

If you like the look of these you can grab the Heroes of Barsoom set for just £25 which includes the PDF of the RPG core book then add on the sets you like. Alternatively there's the whole Swords of Mars Miniatures Collection which includes every miniature set unlocked in the Kickstarter for £150 - with more sets like the Helium Fighting Crew and Beasts of Barsoom still to come. 

If you know someone who might be a John Carter fan please share with this them, the Kickstarter page is at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/modiphius/john-carter-of-mars-the-roleplaying-game/description

Thanks for listening and we'll be back in touch soon with solo and settlement updates, plus new pictures of pro-paints to show off

Chris, Modiphius

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