Monday, 29 January 2018

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A new guild for Guild Ball courtesy of Steamforged Games...

It's harvest season in the Empire of the Free Cities!
The Farmer's Guild: Old Father's Harvest
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Plague & disease has come to the Empire of the Free Cities!

The Ratcatcher's Guild: Paying the Piper

The Ratcatcher’s Guild? Vermin, that’s all they are. Filthy, disgusting rodents, more akin to their quarry than to men like you or I. And the Piper is the worst by far, a smirking devil amongst his mischief. He leads his court by fear and guile, a vicious tyrant forcing others to dance to his tune.
— Mallet, Mason’s Guild

Bringing a type of board control never seen before in Guild Ball, Ratcatchers coaches force their opponents to choose the deadly poison which saps at their strength. Couple this with the unique Disease condition spreading from player to player like wildfire, and the Ratcatchers and their villainous captain are a formidable threat on any pitch they scurry onto.
£45.00 - $60.00 USD - €50.00

The Ratcatcher's Guild: Dice Pack

Hewn from the stone below and washed in the blood of vermin, the old crones of the undercities have blessed these dice to bind the greatest of spirits to your side. Your opponents will soon come to fear the sight of your Guild’s glyph as much as they do the virulent disease spreading through their ranks. With these 10 fated dice, fortune and glory shall forever be within your grasp, a tribute worthy of any tyrant.
£10.00 - $15.00 USD - €15.00

Guild Ball: Gameplan Deck

Nobody wearing the mantle of captain comes to a game unprepared. You can take it for granted they’ve spent hours scouting out the opposition, bribing officials, and honing their team tactics. Even violent thugs like the Butchers have their gameplans to follow, and mastering them is the key to victory
- Mallet, Mason’s Guild

Replacing the Plot Card system, the Gameplan Deck is a must for any Guild Ball coach, containing the cards used in organised play events up to the release of Season Four and beyond. These cards represent the tactics employed by a team during a game, giving coaches access to powerful tools enabling them to change the ebb and flow of the game in their favour.

£9.00 - $12.00 USD - €10.00
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