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Warlord Games usual mid-week round-up...
Warlord Wednesday News & Hobby 3rd January 2018
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A huge Happy New Year to all from us at Warlord Games. In this week's roundup we look back at some of the fantastic releases of 2017, take a look at some hobby projects for the weekend, and prepare for battles at some of this year's big events!

A look back at 2017...

Test of Honour
Test of Honour look back
Test of Honour in 2017:
Last year we released Test of Honour, the action-packed and award-winning Japanese skirmish game. We'll be going over some of the release highlights!
Test of Honour game box
Test of Honour game!
Ninja of Iga
Ninja of Iga
Doctor Who - Into the time vortex
Doctor Who 2017 look back
Doctor Who in 2017:
The Doctor Who Exterminate game is going down a storm as another fast-paced action game! If you've not taken a look yet at the superbly lifelike characters from the series then check this out!
Doctor Who 2017 look back
6 Doctors with K-9 promotion
6 Doctors with K-9
Terrain Tutor Lets Make - Modular Trenches (Pt1 - Basic Construction)
Terrain Tutor Video:
Start 2018 off with The Terrain Tutor as he teaches you the ways to create modular trenches - perfect for Bolt Action!
Magnetising Tank Riders For Bolt Action
Magnetising Tank Riders For Bolt Action:
Got some of our new tank riders? The War Gamer shares a tutorial to help magnetise the riders and tank!
German Stug riders on StuG III G (Winter)
German Tank Riders:
Soviet Tank Riders
Soviet Tank Riders:
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