Friday, 5 January 2018

Warlord Games - Friday Newsletter

Warlord Games end of week round-up...
Warlord Games Friday Newsletter 5 January 2017.
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Bolt Action Campaign: Market Garden pre-order here

New Bolt Action Campaign Book!

Bolt Action Campaign: Market Garden pre-order here
Bolt Action Campaign: Market Garden
The Allies plan to end the war early by using the elite Allied Airborne army, the British XXX Corps and an ambitious plan. This is Campaign: Market Garden, where elite Airborne troops race to deliver the killing thrust that could open the road into Germany.
Polish Airborne Army
Polish Airborne Army
British Airborne Division
British Airborne Division
British and Allied Airborne
British and Allied Airborne
US Airborne parachute-infantry
US Airborne Platoon
US Airborne Glider Platoon
US Airborne Glider Platoon
British Airborne Jeep & Trailer
British Airborne Jeep & Trailer

Must End This Weekend!

Free Postage for orders over £10/$16
Gates of Antares Rulebook Plastic Box Deal
Black Powder Rulebook Plastic Box Deal
Pike & Shotte Rulebook Plastic Box Deal
Hail Caesar Rulebook Plastic Box Deal
10% off Sarissa Precision
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New Doctor Who Maximum Extermination Box Set pre-order here
Maximum Extermination:
To combat their biggest threat, the Doctor, the Daleks have sought to upgrade themselves!
Latest Releases can be found here

Japanese in Pike & Shotte!

New Pike & Shotte Samurai Starter Army
Samurai Starter Army :
Between 1467 and 1603, with the Emperor and the Shogun unable to control the many daimyos, there was near constant fighting between the various factions. With this new plastic Pike & Shotte army, you’ll be able to recreate the many battles as your clan vies for dominance…
New Pike & Shotte Samurai Ashigaru Spearmen
Ashigaru Spearmen
New Pike & Shotte Samurai Ashigaru Missile Troops
Ashigaru Missile Troops
The Ashigaru were the backbone of Japan's armies; despite being considered light infantry, used correctly, they could be a very deadly weapon! 
New Pike & Shotte Samurai
New Pike & Shotte Samurai Horsemen
Samurai Horsemen
The ancient code of the samurai reverberates throughout the battlefield as clan rises against clan in feudal Japan.
New Pike & Shotte Samurai Takeda Clan Decal Sheet
Decorate your soldiers and banners with historical Samurai Clan Decals. Five iconic clans are covered... the Mori, Shimazu, Oda, Honda & Takeda clans.
New Pike & Shotte Samurai Honda Clan Decal Sheet
Honda Clan Decals
New Pike & Shotte Samurai Mori Clan Decal Sheet
Mori Clan Decals
New Pike & Shotte Samurai Shimazu Clan Decal Sheet
Shimazu Clan Decals
New Pike & Shotte Samurai Oda Clan Decal Sheet
Oda Clan Decals

Flying Stands!

New Warlord Games Large Flying Stands Pack of 3
Large Flying Stands
New Warlord Games Flying Stands Pack of 10
Flying Stands
Mount up and fly your own conversions into battle with the clear plastic flying stands from Warlord Games…

Coming January 2018

Coming Soon Hail Caesar Spartan Starter Army
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