Monday, 29 January 2018

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For those of you who really like painting gold...
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Vertus Praetors
Death from Above
From atop their Dawneagle jetbikes, Vertus Praetors destroy enemy Flyers with hails of deadly munitions and break the formations of your enemies with devastating lance charges.
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Custodian Wardens
Not One Step Back
Custodian Wardens are immovable sentinels and masters of defensive warfare - use yours to hold objectives, protect Characters and absorb firepower that would annihilate lesser units.
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Thousand Sons
A Tome of Forbidden Knowledge
Codex: Thousand Sons is your guide to Tzeentch's chosen Legion - a deadly combined force of peerless magi, unstoppable automatons, chittering Tzaangor and colossal Chaos beasts, featuring new units, Stratagems and more.
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Thousand Sons
Codex: Thousand Sons
Enhanced Edition
Pick up your codex in this easy-to-read digital format, specially designed to be effortlessly accessible whether you're reading on your phone or your tablet.
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Thousand Sons
Make managing your master strategies and devious plots simple with these datacards, featuring Stratagems and psychic powers for easy reference mid-game.
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Tzaangor Upgrade Pack
Upgrade your Tzaangor
Using this kit, you'll be able to arm your Tzaangor with chainswords and autopistols, whether you're customising your infantry or deadly disc-riding Enlightened. 
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White Dwarf
The latest issue of White Dwarf
Let White Dwarf guide you through another month of Warhammer, with a closer look at new releases, painting guides, battle reports and much more.
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Malign Portents

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