Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Games Workshop - Warhammer Community Round-up

The latest Warhammer Community news round-up...
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Your Warhammer Community News Roundup
Malign Portents
The Malign Portents deepen...
A new story emerges on the Malign Portents website - turn down the lights, read it and prepare yourself for the coming darkness.
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Revenant Titan
Win an Eldar Revenant Titan
Every week this month on Forge World, you'll have a chance to win a new model, and all you need to do to enter is spend more than £50 on!* If you've been planning some post-Christmas shopping, this is the perfect time...

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Warhammer World
The Watchers of the Throne Go Forth
Prepare yourself - the Adeptus Custodes are about to return to the 41st Millennium with new units, leaders and a codex of their own! Find out more in our preview.
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Matched Play Battleplan
Matched Play Battleplan Tactica: Starstrike
In Starstrike, preparation is key - position your troops poorly, and defeat won't be far behind! We've enlisted tactician Russ to provide his top tips for success when playing this particularly tricksy battleplan:
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Get Started with Orks
Getting Started with Orks
Looking to start an army of Greenskins this year? We caught up with Adi Wood to talk about his top tips for collecting and commanding these war-hungry scavengers:
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New event tickets now on sale
Whether you're looking to put your tactical skills to the test, or want to participate in painting contests against some of the best in the world, there's an event for you - check out the full calendar here:
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