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Warlord Wednesday News & Hobby 24 January 2018
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Black Powder Zulu Wars Collection
22 January 1879
Two key battles that would be indelibly etched into British Military history
The Battle of Isandlwana – a Zulu combined army annihilates a British-led force. In the aftermath of the massacre the next battle began;
The Battle of Rorke's Drift. A small, heavily outnumbered British force defeats the Zulus in one of Britain's finest hours.
Rorke's Drift 1:1
Rorke's Drift 1:1
Richard Caldwell explains how he went about the epic task of recreating the Battle of Rorke's Drift...
Zulu Raiding Force
Zulu Raiding Force:
Rorke's Drift Defenders!
Rorke's Drift Defenders!
Bolt Action Collection
Welbike Riders
Welbike Riders:
Laurens Vannijvel has set aside his Napoleonics, for now, to bring us a quick history of the "Mighty Welbike" plus a painting guide - bonus!
British Welbike Section
British Welbike Section
British Airborne Starter Army
British Airborne Starter Army
Conversion Tutorial: US Winter Infantry
US Winter Infantry:
The AWI Review brings us a new plastic conversion tutorial, US Winter Infantry!
Antares Nexus site
LET'S BUILD: Beyond the Gates Of Antares Ghar Attack Scutters
Ghar Attack Scutters:
Rocky builds the Attack Scutters for the Ghar, providing top tips on the do's and don't's when building yours...
Freeborn Shard 19: Hauler and 2018
Freeborn Shard 19:
Take a look ahead at Antares in 2018 with The Freeborn Shard Podcast! Plus explore what the box of the Hauler contains...
Test of Honour Collection
Ninja of Iga Unboxing
Ninja of Iga Unboxing:
World of 28mm unboxes the Dojo Assault bundle which includes the sneaky Ninja of Iga and fantastic Dojo... 
Test of Honour, part 1
Starting Test of Honour:
Tempted to start Test of Honour? Box 2 Battle have begun their Samurai adventure with this series of articles.
Test of Honour, part 2
The next step:
Interested in the construction of Test of Honour minis? Look no further. Box 2 Battle have you covered!
Black Powder Napoleonic Collection

The Peninsular War Collection

Albion Triumphant volume 1 – The Peninsular Campaign
Read an account extracted from Albion Triumphant volume 1 – The Peninsular Campaign, where you’ll find detailed army lists and scenarios for playing the key battles with the Black Powder rules, as well as a wealth of historical information and glorious photography.
Pork and Beans:
Dr David James sends us a few words about his Napoleonic choice… “Pork and Beans” the Portuguese army, plus a few pictures from his collection!
Officer and Caçadores:
Reinforcement troops arrive for the Portuguese, including a mounted officer and the famous Caçadores.
Peninsular painting:
Warlorder Dave shares his guide on painting the Napoleonic Portuguese infantry! See how it is done here.
Portuguese Line Infantry
Portuguese Line Infantry:
The line infantry in their blue coats, and their light troops in brown, chased Marshall Soult back over the Pyrenees.
Major-General Craufurd:
Craufurd was one of Wellington’s best generals with a quick mind and an ability to understand the reality of warfare in the Napoleonic era.
Peninsular Starter Armies:
The Portuguese & English clash against the French and her allies. Muster your forces with these themed Napoleonic Peninsular campaign starter armies.
No Dice No Glory Podcast
No Dice No Glory Podcast:
Listen to the guys from No Dice No Glory speak to Warlorder Jon Russell about what we'll be releasing throughout 2018!
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