Tuesday, 16 January 2018

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Tuesday 16th January

The art of Frank Frazetta captured in these new puzzles by River Horse!

Frazetta artwork puzzles, 'The Barbarian'  and 'Death Dealer', are now available on our web store!

Two new products hit the River Horse store today: two different 1000-piece puzzles featuring the work of renowned science-fiction and fantasy artist, Frank Frazetta.

The Barbarian stands tall above his slain enemies, the flames of destruction raging around him, the scars of battle torn across his body. Recreate this iconic character in this gorgeous 1000-piece puzzle.

Death Dealer, perhaps the most iconic Frazetta painting, is the second work to be put in pieces. The lone rider sits atop a mighty steed, blood dripping from their axe, a field of bones beneath their feet. Build the picture yourself with this puzzle.

Check out both puzzles and get your copies here!


All pre-orders have now been sent out, and The Official Movie Sourcebook is available for general sale outside North America. The NA release is coming soon from Ninja Division.

Take your adventure far beyond Equestria’s borders with this: the first sourcebook for Tails of EquestriaBased on MY LITTLE PONY: THE MOVIE, this book contains everything you need to bring new and exciting characters, locations, and stories to your Tails of Equestria game. With new player options and tons of Gamemaster info, The Official Movie Sourcebook is a fantastic way to expand the boundaries of your Tails of Equestria game.
Highlander The Board Game has been funded (in only 4 hours) and since then has unlocked 10 stretch goals including new characters, miniatures, and cards for the game decks!

Head over here to check it out, and follow the Facebook page here to see more news!

Thanks so much for helping to start the Highlander campaign so successfully! We're really excited about brining you more and more content for this game, so keep an eye on those stretch goals in the coming days!
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