Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Petersen Games - Newsletter

Petersen Games's plans for 2018...courtesy of their first newsletter of the year...

Take your "Game" to a new level in 2018

We at Petersen Games are super excited about our plans for 2018, and our first newsletter features just a taste of what you can look forward to.
Become an Evil High Priestbacker! It's not too late to participate in our Evil High Priest Kickstarter campaign that closed in December. We have just opened up our Pledge manager and for a limited time you can get in on the first run of this creepy new game. Click here for more details. 

Due to our upcoming crowdfunding projects, product selection will shut down January 26 at midnight US Central Time. You may change your mailing address until the product is ready to ship.

Note: If you have already made your pledge through our Kickstarter campaign, you will receive a separate invitation directly from the Pledge manager.
The Apocalypse is Upon Us! You won't want to miss the Planet Apocalypse Kickstarter campaign launch, which is happening soon. Backers will receive opportunities for discounts on the expansion packs, plus free goodies available only during the Kickstarter campaign. So check our next newsletter for exact dates!

More ways to play....

FREE stuff - All of our fans will be receiving the chance to download free audio files later this year with awesome mood music to listen to as you play our games! This is a brand new way to enhance your game experience and we want to give our fans a chance to sample it for free as part of a kickstarter with one of our partners.  

Be part of a Bestseller campaign - We will be running an Amazon ebook bestseller campaign later this year for our first ever Cthlulhu Wars novel, and you can be a part of it!
During a  brief 2-day window, we will be offering to our fans the newest brain-child (a super-cool e-book novel featuring the creepy monsters you love) FOR FREE. If you prefer a printed version, we will be taking pre-orders at the cheapest price that we will ever offer.
In addition to these special activities we have planned for this year, we will keep you up to date on new game developments, webinars, upcoming kickstarter opportunities, and other newsworthy activities in Petersen Game-land.

Happy 2018!

Sandy Petersen and the Team at Petersen Games
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