Tuesday, 30 January 2018

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Tuesday 30/1/18

Judge Not by the Cover:
A new Tails of Equestria adventure!

A new adventure is on the horizon! Check out this fantastic new cover art by experienced pony artist Tony Fleecs. This will be adorning the front page of our third Tails of Equestriaadventure module, 'Judge Not by the Cover'! We'll have more details about the adventure coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

You will require Tails of Equestria to use this book.

The Dark Crystal: Board Game errata v.1 download:

The Dark Crystal: Board Game is beginning to make it's way around the world, and we've identified a couple of questions being asked about rules. You can check out info about the Garthim rules here by downloading the first version of our errata and FAQ.
Highlander The Board Game has been continuing it's successful campaign on Kickstarter, with almost all stretch goals unlocked, and Kickstarter exclusive miniature Osta Vasilek available as an add-on.

Head over here to check it out, and follow the Facebook page here to see more news!

Thanks so much for helping to start the Highlander campaign so successfully! We're really excited about brining you more and more content for this game, so keep an eye on those stretch goals in the coming days!
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