Sunday, 7 January 2018

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David Annandale
When Castellan Crowe and his force are lost in the Cicatrix Maledictum, the Imperium they return to is different… and much deadlier.

It's the first Grey Knights novel set in the Dark Imperium, and it shows the changes that have made the Imperium grimmer and more dangerous than ever before, even to the pure and powerful Grey Knights.

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Warden of the Blade
Warden of the Blade
David Annandale
Castellan Crowe bears a heavy burden – to carry the cursed Blade of Antwyr. For the first time, discover the origins of this dread task and why only Crowe can be the one to carry it out.

It's a fascinating look at a compelling character, showcasing the duality of the purest of souls as he contends with the corrupting power of an artefact that could damn him and all he holds dear to utter ruination.
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Grey Knights
Grey Knights Digital Bundle
Various Authors
A collection of eBooks and MP3 audio dramas featuring the silver-clad warriors of the 666th Chapter as they defend humanity from the ravages of the Daemons of Chaos.

It's a definitive collection of Grey Knights tales, from the over-the-top action of Ben Counter's classic novels to stories like 'The Emperor's Gift', that show the dark side of these pure heroes, to more introspective tales, such as 'The Ghost Halls'.
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