Monday, 15 January 2018

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I Suck At Infinity

I had a great time on Saturday at the 12th Northern Open.

It's the best Infinity tournament in the North of England and possibly the world!

It was full of wonderful people with amazingly painted forces playing on fantastic tables.

The spectacle of a game of Infinity played with painted models on a decent table truly is something to behold.

I had so much fun meeting so many wonderful new people.

And I lost every game.

I really do suck at Infinity.

But that won't stop me from practising and attending the next Northern Open.

I do think I might need to look at some reinforcements this month though :)


Morlock Groups scrape the bottom of the barrel that is the manifold society of Bakunin. Individuals who are deemed unfit for cohabitation in Bakunin’s public areas or private habitats, particularly those who are known to have violent or antisocial backgrounds, are assigned a Morlock Group. 


The Thorakitai (Thorakites in singular), are the base infantry of the Assault Sub-section.


Maximus leaves his high-tech Moto.tronica power armor to promote his new Maya film, ‘Thermopylae’, where the idolized PanOceanian hero defeats a huge army of evil aliens against all odds.


Charontids are the heavy tactical incarnation of the EI’s personality Aspects for Search and Destroy tasks. Their biosynthetic bodies improve upon the Ski├ívoros model with heavier armor and all-round resistance to hostile fire. 


Vaarso Battlespeak notation: Igao, “minus zero”, the impossible number. In the Neebab Numerology this artificial number represents the esoteric connection with the world of shadows and is the perfect name for a secret assassination unit.

3rd Highlanders

“Nemo Me Impune Lacessit” (Nobody provokes me with impunity). Historical regimental motto of the Third Grey Rifles.
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