Friday, 19 January 2018

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Which of these do you not want to face?

I love the crew hiring mechanic of Malifaux.

The fact that you're never entirely sure what you'll face is one of those things that keeps me coming back for more.

It means that it's always worth having that new model for your faction. You never know when they'll be useful!

It also means that there's always that moment of fear when crews are revealed.

Will they have hired that model? The one you've never been able to deal with. Your Malifaux Bogey Man!

And it also means that every month there's the potential for another Bogey Man to be added to my list.

So which one of these do you think will become your new nemesis?

Benny Wolcomb

The Brotherhood of the Rat has a new henchman in town.

Flying Piglets

These are why you should never leave a Gremlin Taxidermist to their own devices!

Little Gassers

These are one of the many reasons that McMourning doesn't have many (living) friends.

Serena Bowman

She's wearing someone elses skin and she's a tormented enforcer. Oh and she's died at least three times already.

The Beast Within & Ferdinand Vogel

It's a werewolf everyone!

Bone Pile

Dem bones, dem bones, dem green flaming bones!
The Blacksmiths Guild plus Alt Bolt

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