Tuesday, 23 January 2018

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At the beginning of every year, we do a review of our prices. This year some will be going up (but a lot will be going down too). So that you don't miss out, Ronnie has detailed the price changes here, which will be going into effect from 1st February. So this is your last chance to grab them at the old price. And remember, we're still slashing the free shipping to just £25/€35/$40!
All this week, we've been going through the new Clash of Kings supplement  in detail. This fantastic book is filled with new rules and updates the storyline for Kings of War - keeping the game fresh and alive as we head into 2018.

Check out the below to find out about all of the new units, formations and balancing changes. And don't forget to pick up your own copy of Clash of Kings from the webstore!
In order to keep the tournament meta fresh and balanced, we've tweaked a few existing units and armies. Check out some of the changes here!
Reinforcements! Loads of new units are added to the existing factions.You can find out more here.
We've updated the formations from the Edge of the Abyss Campaign and added more so that every King of War Faction has some!
We've interviewed Matt Gilbert, one of the minds behind the new book on bringing Clash of Kings 2018 to life! You can read the interview here.


Battlefield cards are a new way to play Kings of War, adding extra conditions, strategies and objectives to challenge even the most seasoned generals. Check out this blog to find out how the new cards work, as well as some previews of the deck itself. Don't forget you can grab these cards and the new Clash of Kings supplement here!

The Clash of Kings 2018 book and Kings of War Battle Cards will be released next Monday. Don't forget to pre-order yours here!

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