Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Scale 75 - January Newsletter

New Scale 75 and Scale Games releases for January...
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Scale75 News January 2018
New range of figures. Keith Rocco figures collection


75mm 1/24 scale

Lee's Miserables. 75mm - 1/24 scale figure

SKR-001 Lee's Miserables

Presenting the new range of figures in collaboration with the great historical artist Keith Rocco. The first figure is this confederate soldier based on his picture “Lee’s Miserables”. The sculpting was supervised by Mr Rocco himself who provided real equipment for references. The figure is produced in high quality resin on a 75mm scale.
EUR 41,32*
*Price VAT not included



1/12 scale

Nancy Steelpunch. Bust 1/12 scale

SNG-003 Nancy Steelpunch

She’s Nancy Steelpunch, the new addition to the successful Naughty Gears range. A steampunk girl with a mechanic arm, perfect to develop your skills painting flesh, metallics and fabrics. It’s hard to say her no! The bust is produced in high quality resin on a 1/12 scale.
EUR 33,06*
*Price VAT not included

More Naughty Gears busts



Acrylic paints for modeling and figures - Valid for brush and airbrush
Use with our thinner - Brighter color range - 17ml

Fantasy & Games - Makeup Paint Set. 8 acrylic colors. Brigther range

SSE-048 Fantasy & Games - makeup

This is a selection of colors within the Fantasy & Games range, which properly combined serve to create different makeup effects. From the shadows of the eyes to the cheeks and lips. They can be combined perfectly with other colors of the Scalecolor or Warfront ranges, both for brush and airbrush use.
  • Content:
  • SFG01 Purity White
  • SFG04 Baal Crimson
  • SFG11 Bloodfest Crimson
  • SFG16 Hellbound Flesh
  • SFG19 Orcish Dermis
  • SFG32 Lendanis Grey
  • SFG42 Necro Grey
  • SFG46 Innsmouth Blue
  • Step by step guide
EUR 22,32*
*Price VAT not included

Fantasy & Games paint sets



1/35 scale

Generalfeldmarschall Rommel. 1/35 scale

SW35-022 Generalfeldmarschall Rommel

The new Warfront reference is possibly the best figure of the famous WWII General in 1/35 scale. Made of high quality resin, its magnificent detail will delight the modelers in particular of Afrikakorps enthusiast.
EUR 12,40*
*Price VAT not included

More Warfront figures, 1/35 scale

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