Tuesday, 19 June 2018

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Ghosts of Demesnus
Ghosts of Demesnus
Josh Reynolds
Gardus of the Hallowed Knights embarks on a personal journey, seeking truths about the changes wrought to his mind and body. Will he find them amidst the Ghosts of Demesnus?

It's a tale of the Hallowed Knights that focuses on the mysteries surrounding Gardus Steel-Soul – and the mysteries of Ghyran.

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Soul Wars
Soul Wars
Josh Reynolds
When a horde of the dead assails the city of Glymmsforge, it falls to Sigmar's Stormcast Eternals to hold the line against the dread servants of Nagash.

Hardback | eBook | MP3 audiobook
Special Edition | Only 2,500 copies

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Josh Reynolds
Josh Reynolds on
Warhammer TV
Still not sure Soul Wars is the novel for you? Check out Josh Reynolds' Warhammer TV interview about it – available to watch now for Twitch subscribers.

Not a subscriber? Head to Twitch now to find out how to sign up and watch hundreds of videos, including interviews, games and more.
Warhammer TV
Black Library Live: The Big Reveals
This weekend saw authors and fans mingle at Black Library Live – get the lowdown on all the reveals, releases and gossip with Warhammer Community's blog from the event.
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