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Games Workshop - Warhammer Community Roundup

The latest Warhammer Community news round-up from Games Workshop...
Games Workshop
40,000Age of SigmarNew & Exclusive
Warhammer Community
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Warhammer 40,000
 Believe it or not, the latest edition of Warhammer 40,000 is a year old. Celebrate with us as we look back at our favourite articles from the last year. 
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Hammerhal Herald
Hammerhal Herald
 Fear not, ye citizens of Hammerhal. All thy news and advertising needs are met by the Hammerhal Herald – read ye the first instalment to find out more. 
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Age of Sigmar
Soul Wars: The New Releases
 It's finally here – but what's available? Well, loads, from the new boxed game to books, accessories and more. Get the lowdown and pick your purchases now. 
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Malign Sorcery
Magic Unleashed
The magic of the Mortal Realms is out of control – and that can only be good for your games! Discover endless spells, the magic of the realms and more.
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General's Handbook
Your Games, Your Way
The latest iteration of the General's Handbook is packed with content for all open, narrative and matched play gamers – see what's new for you
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Store Finder
Try Before You Buy
 Get a demo of the new Soul Wars boxed game at your local independent retailer, Games Workshop or Warhammer store – will you choose the Stormcast Eternals or the Nighthaunt? 
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Inquisitor Martyr
Inquisitor – Martyr:
The Battle Continues
In the latest instalment of our in-depth look at the action-RPG video game Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr, the developers talk about the game's mysterious setting.
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Blitzmania II:
The Final Touchdown
The last games have been played, the bodies have been cleared from the pitch, and Jim and Bob join us to crown the victors of the world's biggest Blood Bowl League.
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Hang out and Paint
The Big Knight Painting Night​
 Get your Imperial Knight and join Duncan, Peachy and hundreds of hobbyists around the world in a global hobby night, streamed live on the 26th of June:   
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BL Live
The news from
Black Library Live
Black Library Live's Coming Soon seminar held a bounty of exciting news about forthcoming books and audios. Our reporter was there – see what he discovered.
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Warhammer Art
The latest from
Warhammer Art
Want some Warhammer on your walls? Check out the new releases – including Black Library book covers – from Warhammer Art and pick up the latest prints.
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Malign Portents: Nagashizzar Resurgent
The latest Malign Portents tale is here, and as Nagash's grand plan approaches fruition, armies march on Nagashizzar… Will the God of Death prevail?
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Get Them Before They're Gone...
As the new era dawns, we're retiring some older starter sets – here's your chance to pick them up before they're gone. 
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The Rumour Engine
 You know the drill – we give you a teeny preview of an upcoming release, and YOU see if you can guess what it is – enjoy this week's fiendish Rumour Engine... 
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