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Our great new range of plastic fantasy scenery is available to pre-order now! With everything from dungeon depths and taverns, to fantasy battlefields. What we’ve just put up for pre-order on the website is only a small selection of what’s coming, although it already has loads to offer.

We’ve worked hard to make sure each piece is full of character and highly detailed. They all come in appropriately coloured plastic, so you can use them in your games straight away. For those who want to go that extra mile, they are also perfect for painting to match your own scenery collection.

I'll hand over to Ronnie to introduce TerrainCrate properly...
Ronnie goes over the new TerrainCrate releases in the way only he can - with boundless enthusiasm!


With 73 pieces of plastic terrain, this massive set includes a bit of everything from the first wave, plus some components from the upcoming Throne Room and Tavern sets - months before they'll be available separately!

Perfect to flesh out any RPG table, Dungeon Crawler or other fantasy setting, this is the ideal place to start if you want to pick up the range.


Set around themed locations, these packs are awesome if you're intending to build a specific area for a game, or just to spread out and use as scatter terrain. Check out the sets below and pre-order yours herePLEASE NOTE WE'RE ALREADY  ALMOST SOLD OUT OF THE MEDIUM AND SMALL SETS, SO BE QUICK TO GRAB YOURS FIRST AND AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT!
This set contains everything that a sorcerous academic could need. There is a magic mirror, an orrery, several shelves full of alchemical equipment and tomes, and even a pet owl!
Perfect to represent the final area of a dungeon or the inner vaults of a dragon's hoard, this set includes piles of gold coins, chests, crowns, armour and weapons, including the fabled sword in the stone... well, two actually!
The dark places where adventurers must go to seek their fortune are not blank empty spaces, but the remains of ancient civilisations. This set gives you doors, chests, tables, bookshelves and other accessories to flesh out the areas of your adventures.
Knowledge is power, or so the librarian says. This set includes no less than six sets of bookshelves stacked with various tomes and items, plus two corners, two short shelves, two desks, stacks of books, and ladders to reach everything.
For those who like to dabble in the dark arts, this set is perfect to fill an evil lair or a cult’s temple. There’s a magical portal, a summoned demon, cobwebs, a spider, an evil crow, plus loads of traps to deter goody-two-shoes adventurers.
Most dungeons sit unoccupied for years before a wayward adventurer breaks in. In this time, they often fall into ruin, becoming littered with debris and infested with vermin. This set contains crates, barrels, debris, and rats to ruin your own dungeon!
With this torture chamber, you will have ways of making them talk! It includes iron maidens, surgical tools, torture racks, coffins and hapless cadavers of past victims.


Great terrain for pocket money prices! These small sets are great if you are just looking for a couple of additions to your collection, or if you want to see what TerrainCrate's all about. Check out the sets below, or pre-order yours here!
Dragons have an infamous love of gold and this small set will give you enough piles of treasure to keep even the greediest drake happy!
Befitting a miserly noble, this set contains various treasures of great worth, including a pile of armour, a crown, a bag of gold coins, a decorative plinth and a stack of chests.
These doors can be used to add to your existing dungeons, or on the outside of buildings for your fantasy games.
Ready to stop any hero in their tracks, this set of traps contains everything you need to defend your dungeon. Warning: includes poison gas, trapdoor, spinning blades, and bear trap.


Pathfinder Matt Mountain guides you through how to paint a glittering treasure pile. Oooh, shiny!


Don't just take our word for how great TerrainCrate is. Ash Barker from Guerrilla Miniatures gives the dungeon sets the once over in this handy video.


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