Monday, 25 June 2018

Hasslefree Miniatures - Newsletter

Hasslefree Miniatures are having a summer sale...well...for a week of it at least...
2018 Summer Sale
All week (Until the 1st July) we're having a Summer Sale.

Everything (with 1 exception*) is 20% off on the site all week.

Use the code SUMMER2018 (on the final confirmation page before payment, don't write it in the comments box :) )and it should remove 20% from everything in yoru basket.

*The exception is the pre-order Kickstarter Resin Masters. As there's still a handful of people awaiting their Kickstarter pledges we didn't feel it was fair to put these on sale. They are still available, but their price remains normal.
Hey Big Spenders
We don't have the time this week (See below) to sort out any of our famous Goody Bags so if your order comes to £100 or more then I'll be including a free gift for you, tailored to your order as best we can.

Also if you've ordered in the last 24hrs or so, and therefore your order is still here, then we'll be icnluding a free gift anyway to make up for narrowly missing the sale.
Is there a Catch?
I'm afarid there is! There's no mail going out during the sale.

We're using the week to put our house back in order, catch up anything outstanding, tidy up and so on. Have a little breather and making sure everything is spick and span before heading back to the grind and starting our release schedule again.

Mail will resume in July.

We are still open, we will still be answering emails and FB messages and the like. In fact we have to be, as mentioned above, part of the break will be resolving any outstanding issues. Talking of which...
I'm an Outstanding Issue!
Sorry! If we're already conversing, then we're on it. If we're not, please use the email and bug me. ALL CAPS me, re-send an email from yesterday, do whatever ya like. Free reign for a week!

This coming week is about making sure we can move on without anything, or anyone, left behind.

We'll also be handling any trailing KS issues such as mispacks or breakages. So if you're reading this from there, you have a head start but we'll also be making a KS update about it.
And Finally...
I've jinxed myself a couple of times this year so far, so not going to make any bold statements this time :)

We have a pair of part time hands, so that's looking up. All new orders for weeks have gone out as normal. If there was wood anywhere near me I'd be touching the crap out of it.

I don't watch Football, so no comments on the World Cup from me sorry. I haven't even had time to see Solo, Jurassic World 2 or even Oceans 8 (Which actually looks the better film of those 3).  My sanity break time has seen me get into playing Blood Bowl on the PC. I'd forgotten how much I like it :) Maybe we'll start a HF league if there's any interest? (Feel free to email the above address if you're a crazed BB fan who ants in on that action).

I think that's it, next newsletter should have shiny new things (Don't jinx it!). We have 'so' much stuff to release it's madness. Let's get on with it again eh?

'til next time,


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