Tuesday, 5 June 2018

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A Primarch model I might actually consider buying...
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I am Alpharius
The latest Primarch has finally arrived – master subterfuge, stealth and sudden ambushes with Alpharius, lord of the Alpha Legion.
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Terminator Squad
The Fangs of the Hydra
Your Primarch is going to need a bodyguard – and who better than these elite of the Alpha Legion? With a range of deadly weapons options (including a conversion beamer!) these guys will tear through infantry and heavy units alike...
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Upgrade your Vehicles
Whether you're transporting your troops to war in a Rhino or crashing through enemy lines in a Land Raider, do so in style with these vehicle upgrades: 
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Last Chance to Buy
Last Chance to Buy
This week – don't miss your chance to grab Mk IV Dreadnoughts and weapons as well as a selection of Legion vehicle upgrades before they're gone: 
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Check out your guide to the new edition of Age of Sigmar (or just something fun to listen to while you paint!) with StormCast – the first ever official Warhammer podcast: 
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