Tuesday, 5 June 2018

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40,000Age of SigmarNew & Exclusive
Imperial Knights
Imperial Knights
War on a New Scale
 Four years ago, the first plastic Imperial Knights were released – and the 41st Millennium hasn't been the same since. Now, in 2018, the Dominus-class Knights are set to shake things up all over again. Choose your Knight and dominate the battlefield with the mightiest war machines in the 41st Millennium, either as a mighty ally to your Imperium army or as a distinct and devastating army in their own right.  
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Armiger Helverins
Fire Support, My Lord? 
 Armed with two massive autocannons each, this pair of Helverins are the ideal bodyguard for your new Imperial Knights, or a great way to pack some extra firepower into your Imperium army.  
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Save Money, Fight Titanic Battles
 Featuring two Imperial Knights, terrain and a standalone game at less than you'd pay getting them separately, Imperial Knights: Renegade is the perfect way to kick off or bolster your Imperial Knights army - or add some Renegade Knights to your Chaos forces. 
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Your Guide to the Imperial Knights
 With rules for Knight Households, tables for generating Freeblades, rules for all your models, Stratagems and more, this codex is a must-have for all Imperial Knights players. Get yours in collector's, standard or enhanced iBooks edition today:  
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Your Game at a Glance
Keeping track of your games is easy with these datacards and datasheet cards – the former giving you all your Stratagems and Freeblade Qualities, and the latter making checking your rules simple.
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Essential Accessories 
Match your dice to your army with these specially themed dice, and make measuring key distances like pile ins, combat range and more even easier with the durable stainless steel combat gauge.
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Keep your Knights in the Fight
 From repairing your units mid-battle to making sure your Knight's weapons do as much damage as possible, this model isn't just terrain, but a vital support element for your Knight Household. 
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Black Library
Now in Paperback
 Need something to read? From tales of the dark future, to a bumper omnibus from the world-that-was, we're sure to have something to suit your tastes.  
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Malign Portents
Malign Portents:
The Mirror's Eye
In the latest dark tale from the Mortal Realms, an Azyrite seer gets more than he bargained for when peering into an enchanted mirror...
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White Dwarf
White Dwarf June
In this month's issue – a new edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, check out designers' notes on the Imperial Knights and more...
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Warhammer Fest Europe
Warhammer Fest Europe:
Tickets Now Available
The ultimate celebration of the world's greatest hobby is coming to Düsseldorf on the 18th and 19th of August – get your tickets now: 
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Roll Models
New Webcomic
Follow the adventures of Sigmar's most poorly chosen champions in a new twice-weekly webcomic:
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