Saturday, 16 June 2018

Sarissa Precision - New Releases

New terrain releases for Gangs of Rome and other systems from Sarissa Precision...
Plantation Mansions & The Dragon House
This week sees us releasing not one but two Plantation Mansions, the new Temple of Hercules along with a planter set for your Roman streets. We also preview the Dragon House a centrepiece for the latest Test of Honour campaign set.
Fantastic centrepieces for any table and usable for many different periods we are very proud to add our new Plantation Mansions to our North American range.

NEW: Plantation Mansion

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NEW: Derelict Plantation Mansion

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As you can see below the derelict mansion is full of detail not only can you move your miniatures around the outside there is plenty of room inside too.
A fantastic way to add greenery to the Streets of Rome while playing Gangs of Rome, these planters will cover a large area providing blocking terrain for gang fighters to negotiate. Equally, they have many, many uses some we are sure, you will surprise us with!

NEW: Planter Set

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Our new temple is a monopteros - a round temple of Greek 'peripteral' design completely encircled by a colonnade.  It is a completed version of the temple under construction available in the Gangs of Rome starter set.

NEW: Temple of Hercules​

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PREVIEW: The Dragon House

This week Steve showed the new Dragon House off on the Test of Honour - The Samurai Miniatures Game Facebook page. Here modelled by AJ is the last pre-production test piece post sign off ready for production. The full release will be with Warlord Games' new Onna-bugeisha very soon.
The interior walls and doors of the house can be assembled in a number of different ways each time you play making encounters inside a very interesting proposition indeed.

EVENT: Phalanx Wargames Show - 16th June 2018

Tomorrow we will be at Phalynx Wargames Show in St Helens. Phalanx is a wargaming and skirmish gaming convention established for over 20 years focusing on miniatures rather than card games or board games. It offers an excellent opportunity to browse a massive range of manufacturers products up close and personal.

There are over 40 traders each year offering products which cover every aspect and period of wargaming from historical periods to ultra Sci-Fi..
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Working with MDF 
Gary the designer behind our great MDF kits has his own Facebook page under an alter ego March Attacks. He posts here tips and advice on building and painting MDF making it is a quality resource.  We especially like a series of videosshowing him painting MDF kits.  They really are worth a watch.  
Pop over to our Facebook page and tell us what you are currently playing, we might be able to make you something for it...
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