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Modiphius Entertainment - Newsletter #6

All the latest from Modiphius...
Hi there,

Welcome to Modiphius News #6, our regular digest designed to give you quick news hits and the hottest info on all the latest game releases and things currently happening at Modiphius towers.

Thanks to everyone who signed up for the first five issues and we're sure you're dying to know who won the £100 gift voucher to spend on the Modiphius store from issue #5.

Well It's Michael Roynard, congratulations Michael! Check your inbox as we'll be in touch shortly to deliver your prize.

This issue's prize? Well anyone who has signed up to our list by July 14th, will get a chance to win another £100 gift voucher to spend in the Modiphius store. Imagine what you'd buy with £100 worth of goodies: Fallout, Conan, Star Trek, John Carter, or much more!

Every issue we'll be giving away cool prizes like this, so please share this with friends who can sign up for the list here. We'll be drawing the winner at random and the winners' names will be announced in the next issue.
Now on with the news !
  • Check out our awesome co-operative Kung Fu Panda boardgame which is currently on Kickstarter. Choose Po or one of the Furious Five to battle it out against Tai Lung, the Wolf Boss and his Wolf Army in this family and game night friendly real-time board game playable by 2-4 people, ages 8 and up in 10-30 mins. Just £25 for the the basic game complete with 32 great minis or £60 for the Masters version with loads of extras including 7 Masters (Oogway, Shifu, Rhino, Croc, Bear, Chicken and Ox) plus 4 Gorilla Guards, Lord Shen and Supreme Awesome Mode!

  • Boldly go as Star Trek Adventures Command and Beta Quadrant source books are now available in PDF on both and Command a starship and explore a dangerous new frontier in these awesome PDF sourcebooks.

  • Legacy Life Among the Ruins second edition is now available in a gorgeous print edition, with the full colour core book really bringing to life this fascinating post-apocalyptic world! It's also joined by an amazing dice set and Handout Sheets to keep track of all your Legacy adventures.

  • If that wasn't enough Legacy for your fine tastes, then we've also launched five new Worlds of Legacy PDFs which expand the Legacy universe even further. Generation Ship, Primal Pathways Godsend, Rhapsody of Darkness and Worldfall are now available individually, or as part of Worlds of Legacy PDF Bundle!

  • Hither stomps Conan, with our fabulous Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed of geomorphic tile sets now launched in PDF! Dens of Iniquity & Streets of Terror, Perilous Ruins & Forgotten Cities, Fields of Glory & Thrilling Encounters, plus Forbidden places & Pits of Horror provide the perfect backdrop to your Hyborian adventures!

  • Wade Dyer's fantastic Fragged Empire Universe expands with three new source books, including Fragged Kingdom, Fragged Seas and Fragged Aeternum and to celebrate, we've also got 30% off the original Fragged Empire core book, plus supplements Protagonist and Antagonist Archives, so you can explore a whole universe of RPG adventures.

  • Geek and Sundry called City of Mist "A pitch-perfect blend of superhero and noir tabletop RPG... The mechanics are simple yet INCREDIBLY robust." Take the role of gritty detectives and city folk wielding mythical powers in this award-winning tabletop role-playing game. Investigate crimes committed by modern-day legends as you struggle to balance the legend inside you with your everyday life!
That's all until next time ... Modiphius out!

Best wishes,

Modiphius Entertainment

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