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Warlord Games - Friday Newsletter

Warlord Games end of week news and releases...
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Ending Monday!

Free PDF Rulebook Download Hail Caesar Black Powder Pike & Shotte
Quick, before it ends! Don't forget to download a FREE copy of the world-renowned Hail Caesar, Pike & Shotte and Black Powder rules!
3 for 2 Test of Honour Selected Box Sets
Honouring the upcoming release of the Onna-Bugeisha of Asakura we invite you to enjoy a 3 for 2 offer on this collection of Test of Honour sets!

The Dronescourge is Upon Us!

New Beyond the Gates of Antares The Dronescourge Returns Supplement
The Dronescourge Returns:
The action intensifies in Beyond the Gates of Antares as a long-forgotten threat re-emerges. Introducing a new range of exquisite Sci-Fi models with an utterly alien and unique look, new units such as Privateers, plus new equipment and rules for all existing races...

The Virai Forces!

New Beyond the Gates of Antares Virai Starter Army
Virai Army Starter Swarm:
As the first reports arrive it's realised that the ancient Dronescourge threat, the Virai, has returned! Build your First Strike Swarm and prepare for expansion!
New Beyond the Gates of Antares Virai First Instance
First Instance:
Lead the armies of the Dronescourge with the new First Instance Command.
New Beyond the Gates of Antares Virai Weapon Drone with Flamer Array
Weapon drone with flamer array:
A typical armament of the Virai, torch your opponents to cinders with the new weapon drone with flamer array.
New Beyond the Gates of Antares Virai Constructor Squad
Constructor squad:
Forming the bulk of the Virai infestation are the Constructor drones.
New Beyond the Gates of Antares Virai STAA Probe Shard
STAA probe shard:
Providing intelligence and performing a variety of secondary roles within the Virai army are the STAA probe shards.
New Beyond the Gates of Antares Virai Secondary Instance Command
Secondary Instance command:
Leading the second wave of drones into battle is the Secondary Instance command.
New Beyond the Gates of Antares Virai Defender Squad
Defender Squad:
Forming the main front line of the Virai army is the Defender drone, protecting the first instance and the hive from all biologics…

Doctor Who!

New Doctor Who The Mire
The Mire:
Their reputation across the galaxy suggests the Mire are a fierce and powerful alien race. They wear large, imposing armour with built-in energy weapons mounted on their wrists.
New Doctor Who The Autons
The Autons are terrifying living plastic automatons controlled by the Nestene Consciousness. These fearsome killers are often disguised as shop window mannequins – male, female and even child-like in appearance.
Blood Red Skies Tab

Blood Red Skies Dice Trays!

New Blood Red Skies Dice Trays
Roll your dice in a brand new stylish Blood Red Skies Dice Tray!
New Blood Red Skies Dice Trays with Dice
Now pair up your stylish dice trays with matching Blood Red Skies dice packs! Each bundle contains 1 matching tray and respective dice pack!

Blood Red Skies Tools!

This new set of tokens and rulers from Sarissa Precision will make a clear impact on your games of Blood Red Skies!
New Blood Red Skies Rulers
New Blood Red Skies Chits and Boom Markers
Boom & Zoom Chits

Konflikt '47!

New Konflikt '47 Soviet Commissar Gregor Drugov
Soviet Commissar Gregor Drugov:
Feared and respected, Soviet Commissar Gregor Drugov instils a frightening example of how a soldier should act on the battlefield with frightening results.
New Konflikt '47 Soviet Mastadon Heavy Walker
Soviet Mastadon Heavy Walker:
Equipping the heaviest gun in the Soviet arsenal, the new Mastadon Heavy walker blows away its competition.
New Konflikt '47 US M8A3 Tesla Scout
M8A3 Tesla Scout:
Zoom ahead and blast your enemies apart with the Tesla cannon, on top of the M8, forming the M8A3 Tesla Scout!
New Konflikt '47 German Panther X
The combination of tank and Rift tech has joined the battlefield, the Panther-X.
New Konflikt '47 German SD.KFZ 234 X Puma
Sd.Kfz 234/X Puma:
A combination of new Rift tech and a durable vehicle chassis has given birth to the Sd.Kfz 234/X Puma.

Acrylic Bases!

Skip the basing and place your models seemingly directly onto the battlefield with the new acrylic bases!
New 25mm Round Acrylic Bases x 20
25mm Round Acrylic Base
New 40mm Round Acrylic Bases x 10
40mm Round Acrylic Base
New 40x30mm Oval Acrylic Bases x 10
40x30mm Oval Acrylic Base
New 50x40mm Oval Acrylic Bases x 10
50x40mm Oval Acrylic Base

Coming Soon

Coming Soon WI 369 July Edition
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