Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Warlord Games - Wednesday Newsletter

Warlord Games mid-week release round-up including Strontium Dog pre-orders...
Welcome to the Warlord Web Store!
Strontium Dog! - YES! the famous characters from 2000AD are about to hit the shelves plus this week we have action from Warlorder Gabrio talking about the Big Red One and Wojtek with his big gribblies! Check out the new PDF downloads and a host of events...
What is Bolt Action?
Wheels-for-steel 3-for-2 on selected resin tanks


Load up for the summer offensive with a FREE vehicle from this collection when you buy 2 others...

Wheels of Steel Germany
Wheels of Steel Soviet
Wheels of Steel Allies
Wheels of Steel Axis
Wheels of Steel US
Wheels of Steel Japan
Whilst Stock Lasts!
Pre-order Strontium Dog!
New Strontium Dog The Good The Bad and the Mutie Starter Game
Strontium Dog - The Good, The Bad, The Mutie:
Be part of the classic confrontation between mutant Search/Destroy agents (AKA Strontium Dogs) Johnny Alpha & Wulf Sternhammer and the infamous Max Bubba’s gang – a pivotal storyline within the pages of the galaxy’s greatest comic – 2000 AD....
Wojtek's Workbench
Wojtek's Workbench - Big Gribblies:
Summer is here and bringing all the creepy crawlies with it. Your typical Boromite Lavamite blows them out of the water, but... there’s something bigger and nastier out there in the Antarean universe…
...Front Line Report...
Gabrio's US Army Article
US Army in action:
Standing tall and proud alongside his US forces, Warlorder Gabrio shows off his Bolt Action army!
Images from Social Media

Images from the front!

Warlorder George shines the spotlight on his favourites spotted in action this week. First up is Ben Clewer with a superb US Sherman and we have to say AWESOME work to Michael Stelmaszuk for their collection of German vehicles!

Ben Clewer US Sherman
Michael Stelmaszuk German Vehicle Collection
Send in your Armies reports!

Send in your reports!

We need your army lists and pictures!


We want to see your 1000 point army list along with a paragraph or two on your inspiration for the army and tactics you might use. Be sure to include a few pictures of your winning force as well!
Send in your lists to:

Warlord Games Summer Offensive Painting Competition

Summer Offensive

We want to see your armies ready for parade at our next Warlord Open Day (more info about this special day soon!). It’s not just for those of you who may be attending the Nottingham HQ event either as this will be a worldwide challenge, so come on & get stuck in!

PDF Downloads Article
Quartermaster - PDF Downloads:
Have you spotted the latest release of our PDF book downloads? They’re the perfect companion during your intense battles…

Briefing Room Events Article
Briefing Room - Events:
Fancy attending an event, or participating in a tournament? Check out this list of worldwide events coming up during July and we’ll see you there!
Buy an Army/Starter Set and get a Plastic set FREE* Prepare for a summer of conflict and be inspired to lead great armies to battle!
Summer offensive army offer
Summer offensive free plastic options
find more deals here:

Coming Soon to Pre-order!

Coming Soon Bolt Action Australian 40mm Bofors AA Gun
Coming Soon Bolt Action Australian Medic Team
Coming Soon Bolt Action Australian 2 pdr light anti-tank gun
Coming Soon Bolt Action Australian 6 pdr anti-tank gun
Coming Soon Doctor Who The Papal Mainframe
Coming Soon Doctor Who The Headless Monks

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