Friday, 15 June 2018

North Star Games - Newsletter

Some Kickstarter and release news from North Star...
Welcome to a special Spies and Patriots newsletter.
Our chums at Brigade Games USA have recently run a Kickstarter for a new range of figures titled Spies and Patriots. The figures are 1960s- 1970s CIA, KGB, FBI etc for Cold War adventure gaming.
We've agreed to help them out by offering the Kickstarterdeals to UK and European gamers, that way avoiding expensive import charges from the US.
American customers will probably get a better deal going direct to Brigade Games.
You can buy the various pledge levels, and these include the rewards where appropriate, and add extra packs etc where you want.
We're sending you this newsletter because we're closing the order book on the 21st of June (yes, it's real soon). That gives Brigade time to get the orders together, and we're expecting delivery late July 2018.
Hope the figures are of interest to you.
You can expect to hear from us again later this week, when we launch our Dracula's America Nickstarter pre-order campaign.
Thanks for reading
Welcome to a special Spies and Patriots newsletter.
Photo of Station Chief Level (BG-KSSPY-L7)
Station Chief Level

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