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Warlord Games end of week round-up...
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This week the Konflikt battlefield expands with the release of Defiance and 2 new Italian units. For Antares, the Virai unleash the Scavenger drones under the command of the Tertiary instance commander. Plus we see the new Blood Red Skies bombers and transports on the horizon and ready for pre-order!
Free Adolf Galland on Orders over £75/$120
Adolf Galland takes a break from flying duties to become a key figure in your Bolt Action collection - Now's your chance to grab him whilst you can! He comes FREEwith any order over £75/$120!
Warlord Games Open Day Event
Warlord Games Day 2018:
A day full of games, teasers and fun! Tickets for Warlord Games Day 2018 on 22nd September in our Nottingham HQ are now on sale.
Wheels of Steel Offer 3 for 2 On Selected Resin Vehicles
Load up for the summer offensive with a FREE vehicle from this collection when you buy 2 others...
The Blood Red Skies collection
Pre-Order BRS Bombers and Transport
Blood Red Skies Bombers and Transports!:
Air raid sirens are beginning to wail as the latest Blood Red Skies Bombers & Transport are seen approaching from the East! Including Bristol Blenheim MkIV, Junkers JU-88A and JU-52, Liszunov Li-2 and Tupolev SB-2…
Junkers JU-88 A German Bomber:
Pre-Order Blood Red Skies German Junkers JU-88 A German Bomber
Pre-Order Blood Red Skies British Bristol Blenheim MK IV British Bomber
Bristol Blenheim Mk IV British Bomber:
Pre-Order Blood Red Skies German Junkers JU-52 German Transport
Junkers JU-52 German Transport:
Pre-Order Blood Red Skies Soviet Tupolev SB-2 Bomber
Soviet Tupolev ANT-40 (SB-2):
Pre-Order Blood Red Skies Soviet Liszunov LI-2 Transport
Liszunov Li-2 Soviet Transport:
Strontium Dog Collection
This fast-paced tabletop miniatures game by Andy Chambers and Gav Thorpe is now available for pre-order. It allows two or more players to fight out scenes from the Strontium Dog universe defined by legendary comic creators John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra. Players take control of a small team of bounty hunters or the outlaws, criminals and renegades they hunt in gun battles, chases and showdowns across the galaxy.
Pre-Order Strontium Dog
Konflikt '47 Collection
Defiance supplement:
The weird war of 1947 envelops more of Europe as the Italians split to join both Axis and Allied forces. Plus new weaponry is introduced in the brand new supplement, Defiance, to take your Konflikt '47 games to a whole new level!
New Konflikt '47 Defiance Supplement
Prepare for action with the latest Italian Heavy armour squads, for either those loyal to Mussolini with the Centurion Heavy Infantry or those loyal to King Victor Emmanuel III with the Bersaglieri Armoured Infantry…
New Konflikt '47 Italian Centurion Heavy Infantry Squad
Italian Centurion Heavy Infantry Squad:
New Konflikt '47 Italian Bersaglieri Armoured Infantry Squad
Italian Bersaglieri Armoured Infantry Squad:
New Gates of Antares Virai Dronescourge Scavenger Squad
Virai Dronescourge Scavenger squad:
Foraging for usable resources the new Virai Dronescourge Scavenger squad double up as a breaching unit for the swarm!
New Gates of Antares Virai Dronescourge Tertiary Instance
Virai Dronescourge Tertiary Instance:
Usually seen controlling constructor drones, the Tertiary instance is always ready to mount a fierce defence in case of a threat.
New Gates of Antares The Dronescourge Returns Supplement
The Dronescourge Returns:
New Gates of Antares Virai Dronescourge Starter Swarm
Virai Army Starter Swarm:
New Hobby Supplies Tank Turret Magnets 10mm Dia x 1.5mm Thickness 1KG Pull
Tank Turret magnets:
Waste not – magnetise your vehicles and weaponry and create the ultimate adaptable army with these Tank Turret magnets!

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon Konflikt '47 Tease US Tesla Cannon
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