Tuesday, 5 June 2018

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Some new monsters for Mantic Games 'Kings of War'...
This month sees the release of 4 new monsters for the battlefields of Kings of War! Factions from the Brotherhood to the Forces of the Abyss are reinforced with these stunning miniatures, making now a great time to get into Kings of War!

If you were thinking of starting a new army based on one of these monstrosities, we've put together some great bundles which include a monster and an Army set or Mega Army set for an appropriate faction, with a discount versus purchasing separately!

You can check out all of the releases below and pre-order them from the webstore!


An ancient creature from the dawn of Mantica, the Chroneas has the ability to stop, speed up, and slow down time. This can be put to devastating use on the battlefield, as they are almost immune to damage and can make their enemies age hundreds of years in seconds. You can pre-order this highly detailed resin miniature here!


Usable by the Forces of Nature, the Trident Realm of Neritica, and the Brotherhood, the Greater Water Elemental is a really dynamic model. You can see various sea creatures and even the wreckage of a ship caught up in its aqueous form. This makes a perfect addition to the regiment of Water Elementals we released last year, so why not add one to your army?


This miniature has been waiting for release for a while now, but its time has finally come. A hero that can both heal your own forces and bring destruction to your opponents'. Featuring a new metal High Paladin Rider on our fantastic Kings of War Dragon this miniature literally towers over the battlefield. Pre-order yours today!


Orcs love to pack a punch, and nothing punches harder than an Orc Krudger mounted on top of a giant reptile with a serious attitude problem. This brutal winged creature combines mobility with raw strength and claws - making it a big threat to any opposing force on the field. Pre-order your Winged Slasher today!


This coming Sunday is the first in the month, which means we'll be running our monthly Sunday club! Running from 10AM to 4PM, you can turn up to play games, get demos, paint up you army, or browse our on-site shop. There may even be Pizza! We'll see you there!

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