Saturday, 16 June 2018

Spectre Miniatures - New Releases

New vehicles from Spectre Miniatures...

HMV on sale now!

This rugged High Mobility Vehicle is used the world over by many armies, forces, groups and militias. Although an older design, it will be in use for many years with various forces and groups, or special operations troops wanting a lower profile and blending in with local forces. We have designed this vehicle as a base model that can be fully upgraded and made into the model to suit the scenario of your choosing. This model can be used as it is, or with Spectre HMV upgrade parts that fit on to this base model.
The base model and fitted with a standard armoured crew compartment offering light ballistic protection from direct fire, IEDs and mines. It has an open cargo bay and no bull bar. The turret ring has a 360 arc and fits all HMV heavy weapons (purchased separately).
This can be modified extensively with our range of HMV upgrades, turrets, stowage and vehicle weapons to fit your particular needs and theatre.

SAS Rural Team

We thought you would also like to see this alternate paint scheme that John Morris of Mystic Spirals has painted for us. As you can see, they are wearing modern cut clothing, but in classic British DPM camo. Mixed with the multicam helmets, body armour and other kit, they have a very distinctive look.

Grab your team here:


We now have a YouTube channel!
For now, we have three 360 HD videos of our new HMV, but expect painting guides, 'how to play' and interview videos in the future.

Click the icon below to visit and subcribe!
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